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Pantry Pack Cavalieri Pasta 10kg



Cavalieri Pasta Pantry Pack of 20 pieces, 500 gr each. One of the best Italian Pastas. Exclusively Italian flours, slowly dried. An original gift for every occasion.

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Pantry Pack - 10kg Cavalieri Pasta

The Pantry Pack is composed as follows

2 Packs Benedetto Cavalieri Pasta - Tagliatelle (500gr each)

2 Packs Benedetto Cavalieri Pasta - Lumache (500gr each)

2 Packs Benedetto Cavalieri Pasta - Fusilli (500gr each)

2 Packs Benedetto Cavalieri Pasta - Casarecci (500gr each)

2 packs Benedetto Cavalieri Pasta - Bucatini (500gr each)

2 Packs Benedetto Cavalieri Pasta - Penne Rigate (500gr each)

2 Packs Benedetto Cavalieri Pasta - Orecchiette Maritate (500gr each)

2 Packs Benedetto Cavalieri Pasta - Spaghetti (500gr each)

2 Packs Benedetto Cavalieri Pasta - Paccheri (500gr each)

2 Packs Benedetto Cavalieri Pasta - Ruote Medie (500gr each)

Produced by: Pastificio Benedetto Cavalieri


Pantry Pack - 10kg Cavalieri Pasta

"I have the simplest tastes, I am always satisfied with the best." Oscar Wilde.

This is the philosophy we have adopted in our choice of pastas. We are not just satisfied with a good product, we always demand the best.

The artisans we select are dedicated to tradition. Producers motivated by passion and skills handed down from generation to generation: from the choice of mixes and flours to the processes of pasta production.

Our respect for these "Masters" and their superb products has led us to create a special air-conditioned area in our warehouse with a constant temperature of 16°, which preserves the properties of the product intact.

Behind a great pasta there can be nothing short of a great man.

Our first meeting with Benedetto Cavalieri was on the phone, two hours of conversation that just flew by in the simplicity of his words and enjoyable tales of life.

On tasting his pasta, the man we had spoken to was immediately recognisable.

It is as pleasurable and delicate as his words.
A delicacy that Cavalieri also uses in the production and drying of his products.

Benedetto Cavalieri's family started growing wheat before the advent of the Italian Republic and lived off the income from that activity.

When this privilege was abolished, the family began to get involved in pasta: it was 1918.

Time-honoured familiarity with wheat has allowed the Cavalieri family to reach the utmost heights of excellence in pasta.

Another contributing factor to achieving this distinction is the secret formula for the various mixtures of wheat assigned to each different type of pasta.

Le Calandre, Massimiliano Alajmo's restaurant which has been awarded three Michelin Stars, has a dish dedicated to Benedetto Cavalieri pasta.

Ferran Adrià, the Catalan chef famous for molecular cookery, keeps studying Cavalieri pasta in order to invent new unstructured dishes.

The best specialty magazines cite it as a pasta of superior quality.

We are extremely proud to include this superlative product among the excellence we offer.

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