Our craft beer, we offer red beer, lager beer or light beer and dark beer produced by a great craft brewery. All beers mentioned by the guide and the Slow food guide and "Il Golosario" guide.

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10 Brùton Double Malt Dark Beer - Italian Barley Wine

Price €12.50

10 Brùton Double Malt Dark Beer is a dark beer inspired by the English Barley Wines. It has a great structure and complexity, with aromas of malt, licorice and roasting, mitigated by a soft elegance. Warm and enveloping, it is a meditation beer that lends itself to prolonged aging in the bottle. As an after-meal beer, it goes well with very aged and blue cheeses, dried fruit, cocoa-based desserts, dark chocolate, tobacco. Unfiltered or pasteurized beer, it does not contain added preservatives. Available in 0.75 lt glass bottle.

Bruton di Brùton Beer - "Golden Ale"

Price €11.00

Bruton di Brùton "Golden Ale" is a clear and clear beer with a low alcohol content. Winner of the bronze medal at the Barcelona Beer Challenge 2018, and it is mentioned in the "Beers of Italy 2018" Guide. Available in 0.75 lt glass bottle.Perfect as an aperitif. Available in a glass bottle of 0.75lt.

Lilith Brùton "Pale Ale" Beer

Price €11.50

Lilith Brùton "Pale Ale" Beer is an original amber beer with a low alcohol content. Beer with a good structure, great freshness with citrus and resinous aromas with a clean and bitter finish. Made with American and European hops. The best match is with pork and fatty meats, sausages and salami or grilled meats . Available in bottle of 0.75lt.

Momus Beer - Brùton Strong Dark Ale

Price €11.00

Momus Strong Dark Ale is an unfiltered amber-coloured craft beer. Strong and full-bodied, with lingering sensations of caramel and chestnut honey. It is inspired by Belgian abbey beers with the addition of English and Scottish malts. Gold Medal in the 2018 Beer of the Year competition. Available in 0,75 lt glass bottle.

Stoner Beer of Brùton - "Strong Golden Ale"

Price €11.00

Stoner is a strong golden ale with a deep golden colour. The nose is powerful, yet fresh, with notes of apricot and candied fruit. The palate is balanced with honey and fruity notes masking a respectable alcohol content. Mentioned in the Slow Food Guide to Beers of Italy 2018. Available in 0.75 l glass bottle.

Trio Of Brùton Beers - Tasting Pack

Price €31.00 Regular price €33.00

The Brùton brewery was born on the outskirts of Lucca, from a passion for good and quality beer. After years of home-brewed beer and journeys in search of the best flavors, in 2006 the brewery was inaugurated on the bank of the Serchio river, in a typically Tuscan rural building. Available in a glass bottles of 0.75 lt.