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Bonat Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese - Matured 7 Years

Price €52.20

Buy seven-year matured Bonat Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese. A precious and resolute taste, unknown to most taste buds. For special occasions. A flavour apotheosis, try it with the oldest brandy you can afford. Available in a Vacuum-pack of 550gr (±10%).

Gift Pack: Mixed Jam

Price €18.32 Regular price €21.55

Gift Pack: Mixed Jam. 3 different jams by Si.Gi in glass jars of 220 gr each. The SI.GI. Farm is mentioned in the gold of Italian excellence giude published by Gambero Rosso Association. Excellent for breackfast. Delivery by express courrier wherever you want.

Grappa Poli "Cleopatra" Moscato Gold

Price €41.50 Regular price €44.00

Grappa Poli "Cleopatra" Moscato Gold is a grappa obtained with the fresh pomace of white Moscato grapes from the Euganean hills. Grappa of extreme finesse and aromatic cleanliness, difficult to find in a distillate. It smells aromas of fresh fruit, citrus fruits and honey, with a smooth and extremely elegant taste. It ages in oak barrels in the distillery cellar. Available in 700 ml bottle in metal box which could be an excellent gift.

Italian Pasta Sauces: Gourmet Pack 3

Price €34.49 Regular price €38.32

A pack composed of 5 jars of delicious ragouts. Four typical Italian pasta sauces made only with selected meat of the highest quality. We suggest to try them with egg pasta. Amaze your family and astonish your friends with rich and delicious quick pasta dishes. Excellent also as fillings for tasty vol-au-vent and on canapés and croutons.

Mario Fongo Whole Wheat hand-stretched Breadsticks

Price €3.69 Regular price €4.10

Mario Fongo Whole Wheat hand-stretched Breadsticks surprise with their distinct crispness, intense flavour, and aromatic nuances. Perfect for the needs of a modern and balanced diet. Available in packs of 200 gr.

Morellino di Scansano DOCG Ghiaccio Forte

Price €15.00 Regular price €16.00

Il Morellino di Scansano DOCG Ghiaccio Forte 2018 è una delle più raffinate espressioni del vino rosso della Maremma Toscana. Di un rosso rubino intenso, al naso profumi dolci di frutta di bosco matura, come fragoline e lamponi, arricchiti da note di tabacco. Al palato è pieno ed intenso, marcato da un promettente tannino. Disponibile in bottiglia da 750 ml.

Pantry Pack: 12 Mancini Spaghettoni Packs

Price €35.34 Regular price €37.20

For your pantry, buy online 12 Mancini Spaghettoni packs. Mancini Spaghettoni is an Italian long pasta format with dimensions superior to those of normal spaghetti: length of 260 mm and diameter of 2.6 mm. Mancini Spaghettoni are produced with Italian wheat only, whose varieties grow in the company's fields. Any type of pasta sauce can be combined with Mancini Spaghettoni. Packs of 500gr. each.

Pantry Pack: Organic Turanici Mancini Pasta

Price €33.44 Regular price €35.20

The Mancini Turanici Pantry Pack contains 8 packs (500gr esch) of Mancini Italian Pasta: 4 packs of Turanici Organic Spaghetti and 4 packs of Turanici Organic Penne. Both types of pasta are organic and they are made with Turanicum organic wheat, an ancient wheat variety now forgotten. Easily digested thanks to their low gluten content.

Riserva San Massimo Rice Mixed Box

Price €43.40 Regular price €52.80

7 boxes of mixed varieties of Carnaroli Rice (4 kg), Whole Carnaroli Rice (1 kg), Rosa Marchetti Rice (1 kg) and Vialone Nano Rice, each in a protected atmosphere. For its extraordinary culinary properties, top chefs use authentic Italian superfino Carnaroli rice in their kitchens. Never sticky and staying firm after cooking, this Carnaroli rice can be used to cook superb risottos.

Soft Wheat Flour With Cereals: Antiqua Cereals

Price €5.02 Regular price €5.90

Antiqua Cereali is composed of a base of 2 Type Antiqua flour and enriched with wholemeal rye flour, grained soybeans, sesame seeds, oat flakes, flax seeds, corn flour, millet seeds and barley flakes. Suitable for special recipes of bread, pizza, fresh pasta and desserts. Available in a modified atmosphere 1 kg pack.