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Gift Pack: Italian Cuisine

Price €25.65 Regular price €28.50

Italian Cuisine: a gift pack composed of 3 kg of exquisite Mancini pasta and 3 glass jars of fresh organic chopped tomatoes. In this gift box, you will find all the essential ingredients for cooking a delicious pasta with tomato sauce, a classic recipe of Italian cuisine.

Grappa Poli "Cleopatra" Moscato Gold

Price €41.50 Regular price €44.00

Grappa Poli "Cleopatra" Moscato Gold is a grappa obtained with the fresh pomace of white Moscato grapes from the Euganean hills. Grappa of extreme finesse and aromatic cleanliness, difficult to find in a distillate. It smells aromas of fresh fruit, citrus fruits and honey, with a smooth and extremely elegant taste. It ages in oak barrels in the distillery cellar. Available in 700 ml bottle in metal box which could be an excellent gift.

Italian Pasta and Pasta Sauces: Gourmet Pack 1

Price €56.33 Regular price €60.57

A pack composed of Italian pasta and pasta sauces. Typical Italian pasta sauces combined with Benedetto Cavalieri pasta, one of the best Italian artisan pasta. You don't need to be a starred chef to prepare gourmet pasta dishes.

Italian Pasta Sauces: Gourmet Pack 3

Price €34.88 Regular price €37.50

A pack composed of 5 jars of delicious ragouts. Four typical Italian pasta sauces made only with selected meat of the highest quality. We suggest to try them with egg pasta. Amaze your family and astonish your friends with rich and delicious quick pasta dishes. Excellent also as fillings for tasty vol-au-vent and on canapés and croutons.

Italian Pasta Sauces: Gourmet Pack 4

Price €41.95 Regular price €45.11

Fact: food is better in Italy than anywhere else in the world. You don't need to be a starred chef with these ready-to-use pasta sauces and this excellent Apulian extra virgin olive oil. Seasoning the pasta with butter and Parmesan cheese is allowed only in the following situations: if you have stomach pain, if you are in hospital, if your fridge is empty.

Morellino di Scansano DOCG Ghiaccio Forte

Price €15.00 Regular price €16.00

Il Morellino di Scansano DOCG Ghiaccio Forte 2018 è una delle più raffinate espressioni del vino rosso della Maremma Toscana. Di un rosso rubino intenso, al naso profumi dolci di frutta di bosco matura, come fragoline e lamponi, arricchiti da note di tabacco. Al palato è pieno ed intenso, marcato da un promettente tannino. Disponibile in bottiglia da 750 ml.

Pantry Pack "A Foodie Week in Puglia"

Price €61.04 Regular price €67.82

Puglia, the heel of Italy, has beaches, olive groves and ancient hilltop towns. But you come to Puglia to eat: in Puglia people never seem to stop eating. Cook like locals with this selection of the best durum wheat pasta by Pastificio Benedetto Cavalieri, delicious taralli, an excellent extra-virgin olive oil and side dishes of vegetables in oil. A selection of 12 products for Italian cuisine lovers.

Pantry Pack "A Journey into Sicilian Tradition"

Price €89.61 Regular price €99.56

A journey through the flavors of some of the best Sicilian specialties: Grated Botargo, Anchovy Sauce, Modica Chocolate Cream, pasta sauces. A selection of 14 sweet and savory Sicilian typical products to bring Sicily to the table or make a tasty gift.

Pantry Pack "Homemade Italian Pizza"

Price €26.37 Regular price €29.30

A pantry pack that contains all the top quality ingredients to make a homemade pizza according to the Neapolitan recipe: Bongiovanni Torino Manitoba and type 1 flours, dry yeast and beer, Apulian extra virgin olive oil and organic fresh tomato pulp, oregano dried. Have fun cooking a pizza by adding only fresh ingredients such as mozzarella.

Pantry Pack Benedetto Cavalieri Pasta 5kg

Price €33.00

Cavalieri Pasta Pantry Pack of 10 pieces, 500gr each. One of the best Italian artisanal pasta produced with a processing method called ‘Delicate’: a long kneading, a slow pressing, drawing and drying at a low temperature. Store it in your pantry for countless must-taste pasta dishes. Warning: the image is purely evocative.