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Pantry Pack "Not only Risotto"

Price €69.82 Regular price €77.58

A pantry pack that contains the incomparable Spaghettoni Pasta by Pastificio Benedetto Cavalieri but also the ingredients to prepare an excellent risotto: the San Massimo Carnaroli Rice, a Parmigiano Reggiano cheese aged 26/28 months and an Italian saffron in pistils. Try a saffron risotto creamed with Bonat Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

Pantry Pack: 12 Mancini Spaghettoni Packs

Price €35.34 Regular price €37.20

For your pantry, buy online 12 Mancini Spaghettoni packs. Mancini Spaghettoni is an Italian long pasta format with dimensions superior to those of normal spaghetti: length of 260 mm and diameter of 2.6 mm. Mancini Spaghettoni are produced with Italian wheat only, whose varieties grow in the company's fields. Any type of pasta sauce can be combined with Mancini Spaghettoni. Packs of 500gr. each.