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  • Brand: AmoreTerra

Pantry Pack: 6 Packs Organic Wholemeal Buckwheat Pasta

Price €22.23 Regular price €23.40

Organic Wholemeal Buckwheat pasta is made from stoneground organic buckwheat flour. Extruded in bronze and dried at low temperature. It is a pasta with a rich and intense taste and is naturally gluten-free (it could contain traces). Perfect for a vegan diet. Available in 250gr packs.

Pantry Pack: Organic Legume and Cereal Pasta

Price €26.65 Regular price €28.05

Organic Legume and Cereal Pasta, Pantry Pack of 8 pieces, different formats, 250gr each. The stone-milling and pasta making process take place in Puglia, with static drying at a very low temperature. This process, artisanal and patient, is essential to preserve all the nutritional and organoleptic properties.