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A typical drinks selection, Atmosfera Italiana presents a selection of prestigious Italian wines: red wine, white wines, wines for desserts; grappas and spirits, elixirs such as "vino e visciole", and craft beers.

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Barbaresco DOCG Gaja 2016

Price €225.00

The Barbaresco DOCG Gaja 2016 has an intense garnet red colour with orange reflections, on the nose is elegant, complex, and delicate, with notes of berries, violets, red roses, and notes that recall wood. On the palate it is vigorous, soft, velvety, harmonious, and elegant, with a long persistence. Given the quality of the wine, the bottles of Barbaresco Gaja can be defined as immortal: if properly stored, they are ready for tasting even 50 years after the harvest. Available in 750 ml bottle.

Cremes Langhe DOC Gaja

Price €39.50

Cremes Langhe DOC 2018 Gaja is a red wine that tastes of tradition. It has a beautiful intense ruby red colour, fruity notes of strawberry, black cherry and ripe currants are perceived on the nose. On the palate it is full and full-bodied with dense tannins and an almond finish. Produced with Pinot Noir and Dolcetto grapes, for a perfectly successful combination. Very balanced wine with a versatile combination. Available in 750 ml bottle.

Greco di Tufo DOCG 2019 Vinosia

Price €12.50

Greco di Tufo DOCG 2019 Vinosia at the sight is straw yellow with golden veins, the bouquet is fruity and floral, including jasmine. Creamy and mineral at the same time on the palate, as it were a red wine, this is a wine with a strong typicality and an aromatic and unmistakable character. Available in 750 ml bottle.

Rosso di Montalcino DOC 2017 Caparzo

Price €13.90

Il Rosso di Montalcino DOC Caparzo è un Vino armonico ed elegante prodotto solo con 100% di uve sangiovese. Si presenta di un colore rosso rubino intenso, al naso troviamo profumi molto ampi e penetranti con sentori di viola, lampone e melagrana. Al palato risulta caldo, asciutto e con buon equilibrio. Disponibile in bottiglia da 750 ml.