A refined selection of spirits: Grappas, Meditation Wines and Dessert Wines, Elixirs such as "Viccotto" and "Vino e Visciole". The best for demanding palates, the best for your evenings with friends.

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Gift Box: Unforgettable Bacchus

Price €44.92 Regular price €48.30

Buy online Unforgettable Bacchus. gift box composed of 3 bottles of sweet wines to pair with desserts and cookies. The box contains 1 bottle of Jujube Fruit Wine (Giuggiolone) , 1 bottle of Visciola Cherry Wine and 1 bottle of Viccotto (very mature wine) . A gift for Chritmas and for every occasion. Available in bottles of 37.5cl.

Giuggiolone (jujube fruit wine) 11°

Price €17.00

Buy Giuggiolone jujube fruit wine. A delicious golden colour wine liquor for after dinners. It's excellent paired with matured cheeses, also with spicy and blue cheeses and great to accompany dry pastries. Enjoy it with your friends or while you are reading a good book. Available in a bottle of 37.50 cl.

Malvasia Passito delle Lipari DOP

Price €19.90

Malvasia delle Lipari Passito di Salina DOP is produced with Malvasia and Corinto Nero grapes. It goes well with dry sweets, spoon desserts, ice cream, mascarpone and blue cheeses. Available in 500 ml bottle.

PGI Sorrento Limoncello

Price €18.90

What is the best way to enjoy this PGI Limoncello? Served cold, as a digestif after a good coffee? Drunk at room temperature to better appreciate its flavor? After drinking coffee in the afternoon or in the evening with some small cookies? Whatever way you choose, this PGI Limoncello will give you a moment of sweetness. Available in 50 cl bottle.

Sambuca V54

Price €19.90

V54 Sambuca revives the tradition of the great Italian liqueurs and classic recipes. A masterful mixture of pure grain alcohol and precious spices, it can be served straight, with ice, or as part of a delicious aperitif cocktail. If you add the so-called "fly", one or two coffee beans, chewing them while drinking enhances its taste. Available in 700 ml bottle.

Viccotto (very mature wine) 12,5°

Price €17.00

Buy Viccotto very mature wine. The scent of a mulled sweet wine coming from Marche region. Perfect to serve with cinnamon biscuits, butter bisquits and dessert. Available in a bottle of 37.50 cl.