In Italy - and only in Italy - you can drink the best one. Brewed through a coffee pod, a Moka pot, a Neapolitan coffee pot. Espresso, long, narrow, bitter, with a drop of milk, with a bit of milk foam on top of it, with a drop of liquor, in a glass, in a cold cup, in a hot cup, with cream. We invented a thousand ways to drink it, and this makes coffee more Italian than ever.

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Decaffeinated coffee

Price €5.90

This decaffeinated blend for Moka Pot is obtained from a selection of Arabica from Central America and Robusta from Asia. With this blend, rich in a warm spicy aroma, you get a decaffeinated coffee difficult to distinguish from traditional coffee. Available in aluminium can of 250 gr..

Sambuca V54

Price €21.00

V54 Sambuca revives the tradition of the great Italian liqueurs and classic recipes. A masterful mixture of pure grain alcohol and precious spices, it can be served straight, with ice, or as part of a delicious aperitif cocktail. If you add the so-called "fly", one or two coffee beans, chewing them while drinking enhances its taste. Available in 700 ml bottle.

Strong Blend Coffee

Price €4.80

This Strong Blend Coffee is made with the best qualities of Arabica and Robusta. For those enjoying a vigorous and intense cup of coffee. Its aroma is full and fragrant, with spicy notes, typical of the Robusta quality. Our Strong Blend Coffee is suitable for your Moka Pot and all traditional coffee machines. Available in an aluminium can of 250 gr.

Sweet Blend Coffee

Price €4.70

Our Sweet Blend Coffee is suitable for your Moka Pot and all traditional coffee machines. For those enjoying a cup of coffee with a delicate taste. In this coffee, the typical acidity of pure Arabica is associated with floral and fruity hints. Delicate acidity. Available in an aluminium can of 250 gr.

Whole Bean Coffee – 1Kg

Price €20.90

Coffee has become entrenched in the Italian way of life: coffee is an art starting from its preparation. Buying coffee beans allows you to grind only the right amount you need and only when you need it, in order to preserve the taste and aroma of coffee better and longer. Whole Bean Coffee available in 1 kg vacuum bag with aroma-saving valve.

Assorted Nougats - Typical Sicilian Product

Price €4.80

Typical Sicilian Assorted Nougats, small and tasty in six different flavours. The joy of adults and children, at Christmas it is the delicious dessert to be enjoyed at any time. Prepared with love and packaged in an elegant 80g cube box, perfect also as a tasty gift.