Italian White Wines

The production of excellent quality white wines now comes from almost all Italian regions: Friuli, Trentino, Liguria, Campania, just to name a few. Wines such as Muller Thurgau, Soave, Sauvignon, Ribolla and Falanghina, have become famous worldwide.
In this section you will find the Italian white wines that sommeliers and wine experts have selected with competence and passion.

Are you looking for a wine for an unforgettable evening, to accompany an excellent meal or as a gift to a loved one?
Discover the best vintages and the best Italian wineries and buy the white wine which will complement your food and taste more.

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BBK Lis Neris

Price €16.90

BBK Lis Neris. Available in 750 ml bottle.

Falanghina Beneventano Vinosia 2019 IGT

Price €8.90

Falanghina Beneventano Vinosia 2019 IGT presents itself at the sight of a pale straw yellow, on the nose is fresh with hints of citrus, pineapple and white flowers. On the palate the freshness is appreciated thanks to the acid note in balance with the structure of the wine. Available in 750 ml bottle.

Gavi DOCG Valentino La Scolca

Price €11.00

Il Gavi DOCG Valentino unisce leggerezza e qualità indiscussa della cantina La Scolca, si presenta con un colore giallo paglierino chiaro, al naso è piacevolmente fresco con profumi delicati di fiori bianchi. Al palato risulta delicato e secco, con una piacevole persistenza. Disponibile in bottiglia da 750 ml.

Gewurztraminer DOC Leiten Nals Margreid

Price €14.50

Gewurztraminer DOC Leiten 2019 is produced with aromatic Traminer grapes only. It has an intense straw yellow colour, characterized by golden reflections. Its perfume is very delicate and particularly aromatic. The taste of this wine is full and intense, with fruity and flowery notes and hints of spices. Available in 750 ml bottle.

Greco di Tufo DOCG 2019 Vinosia

Price €12.50

Greco di Tufo DOCG 2019 Vinosia at the sight is straw yellow with golden veins, the bouquet is fruity and floral, including jasmine. Creamy and mineral at the same time on the palate, as it were a red wine, this is a wine with a strong typicality and an aromatic and unmistakable character. Available in 750 ml bottle.

Grillo Sicilia DOC "Vegan" Cantine Colosi

Price €9.70

Il Grillo Sicilia DOC "vegano" 2019 Cantine Colosi si presenta alla vista con un giallo paglierino carico, al naso è intenso con sentori di frutta matura e note di frutta tropicale. Al palato si avverte una buona sapidità e leggera acidità che lo rendono ben equilibrato. Disponibile in bottiglia da 750 ml.

Moscato d’Asti DOCG

Price €10.30

Moscato d'Asti DOCG is produced with Moscato grapes only. A semi-sparkling wine (hence the classic flanged cork, not the mushroom-shaped) it is recommended for dry pastries, fruit and hazelnut desserts. Available in 750 ml bottle.

Muller Thurgau DOC Oberberg Nals Margreid

Price €13.00

The Muller Thurgau DOC Oberberg 2019 is produced with Muller Thurgau grapes only. It is fruity and fresh with delicate floral notes and hints of peach, apple and elderberry. It is pleasantly drunk as an aperitif and accompanies rice first courses with vegetables, savoury pies and soufflé. Available in 750 ml bottle

Passerina Controguerra DOC Illuminati

Price €8.50

La Passerina Controguerra DOC Illuminati si presenta di un bel colore giallo paglierino scarico, al naso risulta fine, con sentori floreali e aromi delicati di mela e di pesca. Al palato si percepisce subito una buona struttura, dal gusto pieno, lunga persistenza, decisamente armonico. Vino dove si evidenzia una buona sapidità ed una delicata freschezza. Disponibile in bottiglia da 750 ml.

Pecorino Controguerra DOC Illuminati

Price €8.60

Il Pecorino Controguerra DOC Illuminati si presenta di un bel giallo paglierino con intensi riflessi verdolini, al naso ha un bouquet fruttato e floreale, spiccano sentori di frutta esotica, agrumi, mela verde e pera. Al palato si percepisce subito che ha una buona struttura, è potente ma aromatico, decisamente equilibrato. Grande espressione di eleganza. Disponibile in bottiglia da 750 ml.