Honey is a sugar substance produced by bees as a consequence of the transformation of the flower’s nectar. 100% italian natural honey from Biella Alps (Piedmont region). The beehives are placed in different areas depending on the bloom and type of honey that we want to obtain. The harvesting takes place on spontaneous blooms or, anyhow, far away from possible pollution sources.

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Acacia Honey - 400gr

Price €8.50

Acacia Honey. This amazing natural honey reveals its anti-oxidant, anti-anemia properties and helps with stomach problem. 100% Italian honey.

Chestnut Honey - 400gr

Price €8.50

Buy Chestnut Honey. 100% Italian honey. It is great when paired with goat cheese and aged cheese. Available in a glass jar of 400gr.

Gift Box: Tris Italian Honey

Price €18.50 Regular price €25.50

Gift Box: Tris Italian Honey. 3 jars of 100% Italian natural honey. A sweet gift idea, to be remembered, a great gift idea suitable for children and adults. Glass jars of 400 gr. each.

High Mountain Honey - 400gr

Price €8.50

Buy high mountain honey. Rare Italian honey, effective remedy for sore throats and colds, excellent disinfectant of the urinary tract. Available in a glass of 400 gr.

Honeydew Honey 400gr

Price €8.50

Honeydew Honey. The greatest natural wild honey with antibiotic and antioxidant features. Amazing resinous aroma. Excellent in combination with salty cheese. 100% Italian natural honey. Available in a glass jar of 400gr.

Pantry Pack: Happy Awakening Box

Price €47.76 Regular price €51.35

Buy online our Pantry Pack: Happy Awakenig Box. A very good breakfast is the more important thing to start well your day. A generous selection of Italian jams rewarded by "Gambero Rosso", Italian honey and Italian cookies.

Pantry Pack: Italian Breakfast

Price €24.27 Regular price €26.10

Buy online our Pantry Pack: Italian Breakfast. The package contains: 2 SI.GI. Italian jams rewarded by "Gambero Rosso", an 100% Italian honey and a pack of Chocolate Shortcrust Pastry Cookies.

Rhododendron Honey 400gr

Price €8.50

Buy rhododendron honey of mountain. It's indicated for arthritis, great tonic it's also used as a natural sedative of the nervous centers. A rare 100% Italian honey for a healthy breakfast. Available in a glass jar of 400gr.

Buckwheat Honey - 250gr

Price €7.90

Buy Buckwheat Honey, honey handcrafted made for health benefits, bearing various important organic acids and minerals. 100% Italian honey in a glass jar of 250gr. Available from September. Limited quantity, order now.

Cherry Honey 400gr

Price €8.50

Buy Cherry Honey. Excellent purification qualities, a natural health remedy very flexible in everyday use. 100% Italian honey. Available in a glass jar of 400gr.

Linden Honey - 400gr

Price €8.50

Buy liden honey. Strong in flavour with balsamic taste, it offers a natural headache and fever remedy with strong analgesic power. 100% Italian natural honey. Available in a glass jar of 400gr.

Multiflower Honey - 400gr

Price €8.50

Buy Multiflower Honey. A pure honey for all the family. Excellent on breakfast pancakes or drizzeld over a yummy pudding. 100% Italian honey. Available in a glass jar of 400gr.