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Buy online artisanal sweets, chocolate and biscuits. Excellent sweets, the typical chocolate of Modica and cookies made according to old recipes handed down from father to son. These Italian sweets, chocolate and cookies are so good they seem homemade.

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Dark Modica Chocolate

Price €5.10

Dark Modica Chocolate, pure dark chocolate without cocoa butter. Rare example of culinary excellence and tradition. Chocolate bar of 100gr.

Dark Modica Chocolate With Orange

Price €4.10

Modica chocolate with orange, an exquisite combination of two Sicilian typical products: chocolate without cocoa butter and oranges. Chocolate bar of 100gr.

Gift Box: Chocolate Amore Mio

Price €28.35 Regular price €31.50

Gift basket "Chocolate Amore Mio". A gift box for sweetness lovers. Chocolates are everyone's best friends, don't miss this shopping experience with different delicacies.

Modica Chocolate with Chili

Price €4.10

Modica chocolate with chili. It’s a dark chocolate with chili, without cocoa butter. A combination of cocoa and chili known since the ancient time of the Aztecs. The most ancient and artisanal way to produce chocolate. Chocolate bar of 100gr.

Modica Chocolate With Cinnamon

Price €4.10

Modica Chocolate with Cinnamon. The cinnamon aroma in a dark chocolate bar without cocoa butter. Cocoa cold working. Enjoy it after a good Italian coffee. Chocolate bar weight: 100gr.

Modica Chocolate With Pistachio

Price €4.90

Modica Chocolate With Pistachio. Dark Chocolate with small pieces of pistachio inside. From Sicily region, an Italian luxury pastry. Chocolate bar of 100gr.

Modica Chocolate: Assorted Flavours

Price €21.19 Regular price €22.30

Mixed tastes of Modica chocolate, an original gift idea for one of the most famous Sicilian pastries. 5 delicius bars of 100gr each.

Organic Rusks

Price €4.20

These organic rusks are produced with as many as 9 organically grown ancient grains. Low amounts of gluten, mother yeast, wheat germ and stone milling ensure a high feeling of well-being and excellent nutritional values. Excellent for a healthy and genuine super breakfast. One of a kind high quality product. Available in packs of 180 gr.

"Bull's-Eye" Chocolate Shortbread Biscuits

Price €5.00

Start your day with the delicious "bull's-eye" chocolate shortbread biscuits. These artisan pastry biscuits are excellent for breakfast, with tea or coffee. Perfect also as a mid-morning snack or as a snack. Pack of 200 gr.

"Bull's-Eye" Shortbread Biscuits With Apricot Jam

Price €5.00

Delicious "bull's eye" shortbread biscuits with apricot jam from artisanal pastry. Excellent with capuccino at the breakfast, with tea or with coffee. Tasty also as a snack in the middle of the morning or as a snack for children. Available in a pack of 200 gr.

Baci Di Dama Biscuits – Lady's Kisses

Price €5.50

The Baci di Dama Biscuits - Lady's Kisses - are delicious buttery almond cookies filled with a dollop of gianduja cream. From Piedmont tradition, they are great to accompany your mid-morning coffee, your afternoon tea and with sweet wines. Available in a package of 200gr.

Chocolate Shortcrust Pastry Cookies

Price €5.00

What better way to start the day with some good Chocolate Shortbread pastry? These Biscuits are soft cookies suitable to accompany a cup of warm milk or coffee when you wake up. Great also for a mid-morning coffee break or with a cup of tea in the afternoon. Available in pack of 200gr.