In this section, you'll discover delicious ready-to-use seafood pasta sauces to enhance your first courses and different kinds of fish fillets in extra-virgin olive oil for superb second courses.

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Amberjack Fillets

Price €13.20

Buy amberjack fillets in olive oil, a surprisingly delicate, tender and tasty starter of fish. Produced in Sicily. Available in a glass jar of 200 gr.

Anchovy Fillets

Price €9.90

Fleshy and tasty anchovies fillets in fine extra virgin olive oil, great to accompany your aperitifs, excellent to serve with appetizers, exquisite on slices of buttered brown bread. Produced in Sicily. Available in a glass jar of 200gr.

Anchovy Sauce

Price €10.60

Anchovy Sauce is a flavour enhancer with a very intense taste. It is very sapid and can be used to season pasta, vegetables and fish. In order to preserve its organoleptic characteristics, it should never be cooked, but added later to cooked food. Available in a small glass bottle of 100gr.

Gift Box: Tastes Of Sicily

Price €40.63 Regular price €45.15

Gift Box: Tastes of Sicily, a wonderful gift idea that includes a mix of exquisite typical Sicilian products. For all gourmets. We deliver quickly throughout Europe by express courier

Grated Botargo

Price €11.40

This ready-to-use grated gray mullet botargo is a golden powder with a delicate taste. Produced drying and maturing the gray mullet roe, use it to dust your Spaghetti Alla Bottarga and taste summer on a plate. Pair our grated botargo with top quality pasta such as Benedetto Cavalieri Spaghettoni. Available in a glass jar of 40gr.

Mackerel Fillets

Price €6.60

Buy Mackerel Fillets in fine olive oil. The Sicilian traditional recipe for a sublime mackerel fillet rich in omega 3. To enrich your exquisite appetizers. Available in a glass jar of 200gr.

Sea Bream Fillets

Price €13.20

Yummy Sea Bream fillets preserved in olive oil, a surprisingly delicate, tender and tasty starter of fish. Produced in Sicily. Available in a glass jar of 200 gr.

Swordfish And Eggplants Pasta Sauce

Price €6.70

A typically Sicilian combination of ingredients, this swordfish with eggplants pasta sauce is tasty yet delicate. It's ready-to-use pasta sauce. Don't miss it with Benedetto Cavalieri Spaghettoni pasta. Available in a glass jar of 200gr.

Trio of Fish in Olive Oil

Price €34.41 Regular price €37.00

The trio of fish in olive oil is composed of 3 jars of yummy fish in olive oil: Sea Bream fillets, Amberjack fish and Tuna Belly. Great as appetisers or as the second course, perfect combined with fresh tomato, basil and with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, fabulous in a salad with mixed vegetables in olive oil and boiled egg.

Tuna Belly

Price €10.60

Buy online Tuna Belly in fine olive oil. It's soft and velvety, perfect for mixed salads. It's great mixed whit tomatos and onions and seasoned with extravirgin olive oil. Enjoy the tipical Sicilian exquisiteness. Available in a glass jar of 200gr.

Tuna Caponata with Artichoke

Price €7.70

Buy Tuna Caponata with Artichoke. Italian delicious and traditional food from Sicily. You can eat it as a starter, but we also recommend the tuna caponata with artichokes as ready-to-use pasta sauce for penne pasts or fusilli pasta. Available in a glass jar of 280gr.

Tuna Fillets

Price €8.50

Buy now exquisite tuna fillets in olive oil. The skilful Sicilian tradition proposes these selected tuna fillets of superior quality. Great for all your recipes. Enjoy them with a good Italian pasta. Available in a jar of 200gr.