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Use them for your canapés, hors d'oeuvres, and to prepare delicious quick snacks and aperitifs.

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Black Olive Spread - Ligurian Specialties

Price €4.60

The Black Olive Spread is a typical Ligurian specialties. The typical black-colored cream is composed by only 3 ingredients: black olives, extra virgin olive oil, salt. Olives are pitted and grinded in order to obtain a scented and homogeneous cream with a delicate taste. Available in a glass jar of 130 gr.

Capers Pâtè

Price €5.80

Capers Patè, a tasty pate with all the flavor of Sicily. This capers patè is ready-to-use, and you can pair it with roasted meat, grilled meat. You can also spread it on slices of warm bread and, together extra virgin olive oil, to dress a tasty tomatoes salad. Available in a glass jar of 180 gr.

Hot Chilli Pâtè

Price €5.80

Hot chilli patè, made with pure Sicilian chili. All the strength of Etna volcano. It's excellent mixed to ready-to-use pasta sauces, to give them character. For people who love strong flavors, spread it directly on a slices of toasted bread. Available in glass jars of 180 gr.

Tomato Pâtè

Price €5.80

Buy online tomato patè. The perfect Italian tomato pâtè sauce obtained by Italian sundried tomatoes. It's amazing as ready-to-use pasta sauce. Enjoy it spread on croutons and canapés. Available in a glass jar of 180gr

Tuna Pâtè With Orange

Price €7.45

Tuna pâtè with Orange is a ready-to-use sauce made with tuna and flavored with Sicilian oranges. Tasty and creamy, this patè is great for stuffing sandwiches, canapés and croutons. Available in a glass jar of 200 gr.

Sweet Tuna Botargo 200gr

Price €10.30

The Sweet Tuna Botargo is one of the typical products of the Favignana island, a beautifull island near Sicily. The Sweet Tuna Botargo is produced with bluefin tuna eggs and you can use it as a ready-to-use pasta sauce. Available in a glass jar of 200gr.