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A top quality ingredient such as organic whole-wheat Benedetto Cavalieri pasta, in a summer dish with seasonal vegetables. The recipe for a Mediterranean dish, easy to prepare even for a lunch away from home.

Ingredients for 4 people

320 g Organic Pennucce (aka Pennette) Pasta
a medium carrot
a medium zucchini
a red shallot
a clove of garlic
a green celery rib
Red and yellow pepper
Vegetable broth to taste
60 g grated Don Carlo Cheese
a knob of butter
2 tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil
salt and pepper to taste
1/2 glass fruity white wine
a pinch Saffron Pistils


Cut the vegetables into cubes, and set the zucchini aside. Sauté the red shallot and garlic in a little extra virgin olive oil until golden, and then remove it. Add peppers, celery, and carrot
and sauté for about a minute.
Add organic Pennucce (aka Pennette) pasta and sprinkle with white wine.
Bathe with the hot vegetable broth, adding it a little at a time, and about halfway through cooking, add the zucchini. Finish cooking and cream everything with butter, extra virgin olive oil and Don Carlo cheese. Salt and pepper to taste. Plate up and garnish with Saffron pistils.

Our ingredients

Commonly called “Pennette”, Benedetto Cavalieri organic whole-wheat Pennucce is small, short, tubular quillshaped pasta with a ridged surface.
Benedetto Cavalieri artisanal wholewheat organic pasta is produced with the best Italian wheat coming from organic farming, without chemical treatments or pesticides.
This small whole-wheat penne pasta is best served with vegetable or seafood sauces.

Silvia Rosa Farm is located in a small village in the province of Aquila. In this mountainous area, the harsh climate is favourable to the production of this saffron, which has been cultivated here for over five centuries. This precious spice contains carotenoid, a substance that is effective against various diseases. Saffron risotto is one of all time favourites.

Don Carlo cheese is recognized by leading experts, such as the Master Alberto Marcomini and the Chef Gualtiero Marchesi, as an award-winning cheese of excellence, and it is proposed by the
best restaurants in the world.
It is a raw cow’s milk cheese with kid rennet, aged on the premises of the farm.
The texture is pale yellow with a hard consistency, friable, easily reduced to flakes, but at the same time suitable for grating. The rind is treated with extra virgin olive oil produced at the same farm. Very interesting the match with fruit jams.

At the farm Masseria del Duca, they breed 40.000 hens and pack the eggs.
They breed 250 Italian Frisona cows and have their dairy farm. They organically cultivate 200 acres of olive groves and have their mill with bottling and packaging centre.
The Masseria del Duca is the first farm in Puglia to be equipped with a modern biogas plant.
This Italian extra virgin olive oil has a golden green color, fruity, sweet and intense taste. Masseria del Duca owns and controls the whole productive cycle, from olive harvesting to raw material processing.

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