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Simple and poor ingredients, the touch of red onion jam. All the flavors of a typical dish of Italian cuisine, made with the ingredients of Atmosfera Italiana.
Discover the recipe and ingredients.

Ingredients for 4 people

250 ml milk
200 g Toma Cheese
18 g 00 flour
18 g butter
160 g Organic Purgatory Beans
4 teaspoons Red Onion Jam
extra Virgin Olive Oil to taste 
salt and pepper


Soak the Purgatory Beans in warm water the previous evening. Cook them in salted water over medium heat for about two hours.
Make a roux with 00 flour, butter and a drop of extra virgin olive oil, let everything cool completely.
Boil the milk and add it to the roux with a whisk until a creamy consistency is reached.
Cut the Toma di Giaveno Cheese in small pieces and pour them into the béchamel sauce frequently stirring with a spatula until complete dissolution of the cheese.
Sauté the drained organic Purgatory Beans in a little oil, salt, and pepper.

Plating up
Put the Toma di Giaveno Cheese fondue at the bottom of the plate, place the Purgatory Beans at the center and garnish with a teaspoon of Red Onions Jam.

Our ingredients

The Toma di Giaveno Cheese is a typical Piedmont cheese made with pasteurized cow’s milk from the Val di Susa. Excellent with risotto, to dress gnocchi and omelets, to prepare fondues. A delicate and smooth flavor, with a slightly bitter aftertaste that becomes more intense while maturing.

The curious name derives from an ancient tradition of the 17th century and still in use today.
In Gradoli, on the Ash Wednesday, a huge lunch for around 2000 people is organized. They all eat Purgatory Beans, rice soup, lake and sea fish and an apple. Tradition tells that those who sit at the tables, bring from home dishes, bread, and wine. Organic Purgatory Beans are very tender beans, small, with a mild flavor. These beans, rich in minerals and with extraordinary organoleptic characteristics, are grown without the use of chemicals and processed by hand. Dolci Giuseppina is a little family farm that produces cereals and legumes from organic agriculture in Valnerina Valley, Umbria region. One of the very few producing Monteleone di Spoleto PDO Spelt.

The name name of the producer SI.GI. has been written in the Gambero Rosso golden book of the Italian Food Excellence. The search for and recoup of forgotten fruits. Organic farming methods, which guarantee the purity of raw materials. Natural, manual processing that fully respects seasonal cycles. Traditional cooking methods such as boiling in an open pot.. this is SI.GI. Thanks to their work, long-forgotten fruits and processes have been rediscovered. A delicious jam to pair with grilled meats and cheese platters, it contains small and bright fragments of red onion. An exquisite, slightly sweet flavor, make it an ideal accompaniment for grilled meats, mature cheeses, appetizers and side dishes. No chemical thickeners are added: pectin-free and without stabilizers or preservatives.

At the farm Masseria del Duca, they breed 40.000 hens and pack the eggs. They breed 250 Italian Frisona cows and have their dairy farm. They organically cultivate 200 acres of olive groves and have their mill with bottling and packaging center. The Masseria del Duca is the first farm in Puglia to be equipped with a modern biogas plant. This Italian extra virgin olive oil has a golden green color, fruity, sweet and intense taste. Masseria del Duca owns and controls the whole productive cycle, from olive harvesting to raw material processing.

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