List of products: Azienda Agricola Dolci Giuseppina


By countless generations the Dolci Family has been dedicating to the cultivation of  organic lentils, of organic integral spelt, of organic pearled spelt, of organic chickpeas, of organic pearled barley, of organic cicerchia, of organic beans, of organic roveja.

A cultivation that keeps intact, still today, the same authenticity and purity which merited the certification of organic farming.

The care in cropping, which respect the traditions of the past, make these products unique for authenticity and taste.

The organic spelt of the Azienda Agricola Dolci Giuseppina is the first - and currently the only one in Europe - to have obtained the DOP recognition.

Flours: Organic Chickpea Flour

Price €6.35

Buy online organic chickpea flour. Grown without the use of chemical products the chickpeas maintain their extraordinary organoleptic properties unaltered.
Available in a pack of 500gr.

Flours: Organic Corn Flour

Price €2.72 Regular price €3.40

This flour is made from corn grown organically and It’s stone ground. Excellent for making bread, breadsticks and polenta. Product with limited availability throughout the year. Available in packs of 500 gr.

Flours: Organic Spelt Flour

Price €3.95

Buy online Organic Spelt Flour. High-fiber foods like spelt can help you feel fuller longer, leading you to consume fewer calories and possibly lose weight. Although this organic spelt flour is not suitable for a gluten-free diet, it can be tolerated by some people who are allergic to common wheat.

Gift Pack: Organic Vegan Pack

Price €49.96 Regular price €53.72

A gift basket dedicated to all Vegans. A miscellany of typical, strictly organic products from Umbria region. Cereals and legumes perfect for cooking healthy and tasty Detox soups or delicious side dishes or healthy breakfasts.

Organic Black-Eyed Beans

Price €4.70

Buy Organic Black-Eyed Beans. These Organic beans are great in the risotto with sausages, with soups, and in salads with olives. Available in a pack of 250gr.

Organic Borlotti Beans 500gr

Price €6.40

Organic Borlotti Beans from Valnerina Valley, Umbria region. They are naturally rich in protein, ideal for a healthy balanced diet. Organic Borlotti Beans are excellent for soups, stews and side dishes. Available in a pack of 500 grams.

Organic Cannellini Beans 500gr

Price €6.40

Buy Italian Organic Cannellini beans from organic crops. These Cannellini beans have a delicate taste and they are great as a side dish for any meat dish. Package of 500gr.

Organic Chickpeas 500gr

Price €4.90

Dried chickpeas organically grown in Valnerina Valley, Umbria region. Fabulous to prepare delicious soups and tasty side dishes. They are gluten free! Available in a packs of 500 gr.

Organic Field Peas

Price €8.50

Field Peas are a kind of wild peas. Our Field Peas are organically grown on the fields of Valnerina Valley, Umbria region. The Field Peas can be cooked as a regular vegetable, in a soup, combined with pasta, or as a side dish, frying them with a little extra virgin olive oil, onions and carrots. Available in a pack of 500gr.

Organic Grass Pea 500gr

Price €4.90

Grass pea is an Italian traditional food. Discover the organic legumes from Umbria. It is great for cooking soups and to prepare an original hummus. Blend the boiled grass pea, with extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and lemon juice. Spread the mixture obtained on slices of bread or use it as a side dish. It's gluten free. Available in a pack of 500gr.

Organic Lentils 500gr

Price €5.20

Buy online organic lentils. These lentils are the typical small and tasty Umbrian lentils organically grown in Valnerina. They do not require soaking. Available in packs of 500 gr.

Organic PDO Whole-Wheat Spelt

Price €4.40

Organic PDO Whole-Wheat Spelt from Monteleone Area (Umbria region). Enjoy a traditional Italian spelt soup or a delicious salad with Whole-Wheat Spelt and vegetables. It's excellent season with good extra virgin olive oil. Available in a pack of 500gr.