List of products: Siciliatentazioni


Siciliatentazioni started up and still works on the slopes of Mount Etna, surrounded by green woods and furrows of ancient black lava flows, in a kaleidoscope of colours and fantastic natural landscapes.

Siciliatentazioni rediscovers and improves the old traditional recipes through a wide range of typical sicilian food sweet and salty: pistachio pesto, red chili pate, anchovies in chili, tuna fillet, Modica chocolate, Bitter Orange Marmalade and much more.

The "raw materials" used by Siciliatentazioni are carefully selected and processed by hand and contain all the authentic aromas and flavours typical of Sicily, a land blessed by the sun and sea.

Almond Cream

Price €7.80

Almond cream is a typical Sicilian sweet cream. Only Sicilian almonds. It's excellent spread on bread or to fill pies. A unique flavor for the most demanding palates. Available in glass jars of 200 gr.

Amberjack Fillets

Price €13.30

Buy amberjack fillets in olive oil, a surprisingly delicate, tender and tasty starter of fish. Produced in Sicily. Available in a glass jar of 200 gr.

Anchovy Fillets

Price €9.95

Fleshy and tasty anchovies fillets in fine extra virgin olive oil, great to accompany your aperitifs, excellent to serve with appetizers, exquisite on slices of buttered brown bread. Produced in Sicily. Available in a glass jar of 200gr.

Anchovy Fillets with Parsley

Price €9.90

Buy Anchovy Fillets with Parsley. The taste of Sicily food. The best anchovies for the best appetizers ideas or as a pizza topping. Try them with taralli, with Piedmont breadsticks, or with salami. Available in a glass jar of 200gr.

Anchovy Sauce

Price €13.10

Anchovy Sauce is a flavour enhancer with a very intense taste. It is very sapid and can be used to season pasta, vegetables and fish. In order to preserve its organoleptic characteristics, it should never be cooked, but added later to cooked food. Available in a small glass bottle of 100gr.

Artisanal Pistachio Panettone Cake

Price €34.90

Artisanal Pistachio Panettone cake, a luxury Sicilian delicacy. Stuffed with a delicious soft pistachio cream, frosted with a topping of chopped roasted pistachios. 1 Kg Artisanal Pistachio Panettone cake in an elegant gift box. Delivery by express curier.

Assorted Nougats - Typical Sicilian Product

Price €4.80

Typical Sicilian Assorted Nougats, small and tasty in six different flavours. The joy of adults and children, at Christmas it is the delicious dessert to be enjoyed at any time. Prepared with love and packaged in an elegant 80g cube box, perfect also as a tasty gift.

Bitter Orange Marmalade 240gr

Price €6.45

The bitter orange marmalade jam is good marmalade only made with Sicilian oranges. It 'great for people who does not like too sweet flavors. It has a crystalline appearance, a full taste with a pleasant bitter aftertaste. Available in a glass jars of 240gr.

Capers Pâtè

Price €5.80

Capers Patè, a tasty pate with all the flavor of Sicily. This capers patè is ready-to-use, and you can pair it with roasted meat, grilled meat. You can also spread it on slices of warm bread and, together extra virgin olive oil, to dress a tasty tomatoes salad. Available in a glass jar of 180 gr.

Capers Under Salt

Price €5.80

The capers under salt are essential to prepare the tastiest recipes like steak and fish tartare, tomato sauces that accompany pasta and slices of sautéed fish. In Pantelleria island, the women of Sicialiatentazioni preserve in dry salt the best capers of the world. Available in a glass jar of 180gr.

Chopped Pistachios

Price €7.95

These Chopped Pistachios is obtained from careful selection of the best pistachios from Sicily and processed in the traditional way according to the Sicilian tradition. Excellent ingredient to decorate cakes and desserts, main courses and second courses. Available in a transparent bag of 100 gr.

Condiment based on Extra Virgin Olive Oil flavored with Chilli

Price €10.40

This Condiment based on Extra Virgin Olive Oil flavored with Chilli is excellent poured raw on past, on thick soups. It is great also to season pizza, bruschetta and toasted home-made bread. It's really spicy. Available in a tin of 250 ml.