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Via Isole 5 I - 17038 Villanova d'Albenga (SV)

La Gallinara factory born in 1984 as a small family business producing Ligurian food specialties.
Its flagship is the ‘Genovese Pesto’ produced with the most important ingredient of the recipe, the Genovese POD Basil certified by Pesto Consortium.
The link with its territory is its main feature.
For this reason, the factory name is inspired by the small island Gallinara, placed in front of the Albenga Municipality.
In the past, it was inhabited by wild hens, but today it is an important nature reserve, which represents the ideal destination for divers who want to discover suggestive seabed and the statue of ‘Cristo Redentore’, immersed at a depth of 18 meters.

Black Olive Spread - Ligurian Specialties

Price €4.60

The Black Olive Spread is a typical Ligurian specialties. The typical black-colored cream is composed by only 3 ingredients: black olives, extra virgin olive oil, salt. Olives are pitted and grinded in order to obtain a scented and homogeneous cream with a delicate taste. Available in a glass jar of 130 gr.

Genoa Pesto Sauce - Liguria Specialty

Price €4.60

Genoa Pesto Sauce is the most classical among Ligurian pasta sauces, and it is famous all around the world. The PDO Basil, together with the other ingredients, releases is aroma over spaghetti, linguine, and trenette pasta. Available in a glass jar of 130 gr.

Ligurian Specialties

Price €14.29 Regular price €15.20

3 typical Ligurian products, 3 delicacies appreciated by gourmets all over the world. A pack composed of 3 ready-to-use pasta sauces: Genoa Pesto Sauce, Red Pesto Sauce and Walnut Sauce, delicious for seasoning any pasta.

Pitted Taggiasca Olives - Ligurian Specialty

Price €7.70

Taggiasca olives are pitted and preserved in precious extra-virgin olive oil. Taggiasca is a type of olive grown in Ponente, the western part of Liguria, and they are considered one of the most renowned Ligurian typical products. They are excellent with appetizers and aperitifs, with cheese and salami, exceptional mixed with boiled potatoes, cooked with fish and white meats. Glass jar of 180 gr.

Red Pesto Sauce - Liguria Speciality

Price €5.60

The Red Pesto sauce is a tasty ready-to-use pasta sauce with a strong taste. The primary ingredient is the PDO Genoese Basil combined with olive oil, tomatoes, cheese and garlic. It is great to season any pasta, perfectly matches with aperitifs spread on bread or focaccia, exquisite with stews and meat dishes. Available in a glass jar of 130 gr.

Walnut Sauce - Liguria Specialty

Price €5.00

The Walnut sauce is another classic among Ligurian pasta sauces. A crushed walnut sauce flavoured with marjoram, traditionally served with "pansoti" aka "pansotti" a stuffed pasta with a filling of ricotta cheese, a mixture of wild and other herbs, grated Parmesan cheese and minced garlic. Available in a glass jar of 130 gr.