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NeroFermento is an innovative company born from the encounter between agriculture and technology, (farmers and researchers) two deeply different souls ad synergistic among them in terms of know-how, values and experience. NeroFermento finds in this dualism the base of its identity, the necessary impulse to innovate, experiment and move along raising day by day its own quality standards with the intention to present a new, fresh and original point of view to the market. New in terms of how to use its products; fresh to approach and unprecedented as the aromatic tones that NeroFermento (products) will give to your dishes.

Nero di Voghiera is produced thruogh the natural fermentation of PDO Voghiera Garlic. The conditions of this process is closely monitored, ensuring no additives, preservatives or added yeast. The humidity and temperature is controlled for at least 60 days. A long process by which Voghiera’s garlic, an exquisitely typical Italian garlic famous for its gentle taste, decreases the allicin content losing the typical pungent taste of traditional garlic and becoming gentler and easier to digest.

Black Garlic Nero di Voghiera bag (100 gr)

Price €14.95

Black garlic, produced by fermentation of “Voghiera Garilc PDO” (Protected Designation of Origin). Great on croutons, crackers, canapés, meat, fish and cheese or to season pasta and risotto. Available in a bag of 100 gr (3-4 garlic bulbs).