List of products: Marco D'Oggiono Prosciutti


Via Lazzaretto 29 23848 Oggiono (LC) - Italia

The historic Marco D'Oggiono Prosciutti has been operating in Oggiono, in Alta Brianza, since the first half of the last century.
The production plant, still located in its historic site, is located under the hilly area covered with chestnut trees and locust trees, which borders and protects the whole town to the south-east.
The refreshing action of the hilly-wooded spine and the irradiation due to the waters of the nearby Lake of Oggiono, make it possible to have a temperate microclimate particularly suitable for curing hams and cured meats.
The company, still family-run today, continues to produce hams and cured meats with passion and wisdom.
In May 2014 Marco d'Oggiono Prosciutti received the R-Innovatori della Terra Award from Expo 2015 and the Lombardy Region recognizes him among the ten Lombard Excellencies.
In 1999, the Prosciutto Crudo D'Oggiono was recognized as a Traditional Lombard Product and as such is present in all the atlases of typical and traditional products of the Lombardy Region.

Bresaola La Dolce Chianina

Price €35.10

Bresaola La Dolce Chianina is a salami made of punta d’anca cut of certified CHIANINA breed cattle (Min. Aut. IT003ET). The exquisite taste of this Italian meat is preserved and enhanced by the sweet and slightly spicy processing. This Bresaola has a fineness of fibers and a subtle marbling, which leave an unparalleled melt-in-your-mouth. Gluten-free and lactose-free product. Available in a vacuum-packed piece of 620 gr. (± 10%)

Celtic Lard With Herbs

Price €11.90

This 5 cm minimum depth Celtic Lard is obtained from big and seasoned porks with a slight scent of aromatic herbs. Excellent cut into thin slices on a slice of warm homemade bread, delicious in combination with mountain honey, essential for flavouring legume soups. Gluten-free and lactose-free product. Available in a vacuum-packed piece of 580 gr. (± 10%)

Cooked Liver Mortadella

Price €7.90

Cooked Liver Mortadella is a typical Lombardy cured meat speciality, made from minced pork, and stuffed into natural casings. Perfect as an appetizer and to accompany any aperitif. Gluten free product. Available in vacuum packed slice of 400 gr. (± 10%)

Cotechino Sausage

Price €11.90

Cotechino Sausage "Vaniglia" from Brianza is produced with the rinds and prized meats of pigs born, raised and slaughtered in Italy. The lean dough and the right spices make it light and easy to digest (it is neither salty nor spicy). In Brianza, Cotechino has always been called "Vanilla". Ideal to be accompanied with lentils, mashed potatoes and spinach. Available in 560 gr vacuum pack. (± 10%).

Cured Ham "Dolce" Marco d'Oggiono

Price €19.90

Extremely high-quality Prosciutto Cured ham "Dolce" Marco d'Oggiono, sweet and fragrant that never leaves a salty aftertaste. Made from the best and heaviest Italian pig’s hind legs, selected and cured at least 13 months. Perfect for family use thanks to the shape of the slice that lends itself well to being sliced even with a knife. We recommend tasting it on its own or, perhaps, together with dairy products and full-bodied wines. Gluten-free and lactose-free product. Available in a vacuum-packed slice of 660 gr. (± 10%)

Deer Bresaola

Price €39.80

Deer Bresaola is a high-quality bresaola. It is made with the rump and underside of wild deer, slaughtered but not hunted. The salting and spicing are light to fully appreciate the precious meat of this wild animal. Available in a vacuum-packed piece of 650 gr. (± 10%)

Happy Hour Salami

Price €7.90

Happy Hour Salami is a salami produced as Salame di Coscia, that is, with pork leg meat, a pork raised and slaughtered in Italy. The smaller size and thinner casing give the Happy Hour Salami a different fragrance with a clean, non-garlicky and non-spicy flavour. They are perfect as “Cut & Eat” for a snack, for a picnic and with aperitifs. Minimum maturing period 10 days. Whole salami of 270 gr (± 10%) vacuum-packed..

Happy Hour Spicy Salami

Price €6.80

Happy Hour Spicy Salami is a salami produced as Salame di Coscia, that is, with pork leg meat, a pork raised and slaughtered in Italy, to which spicy spices have been added. Whole salami of 230 gr (± 10%) vacuum-packed..

Marco D'Oggiono's Platter Of Cold Cuts

Price €89.80

Marco D’Oggiono’s Platter of Cold Cuts is a selection of the best Lombardy cured meats by Marco d'Oggiono. A rich assortment of cold cuts in small pieces and salami to slice for your appetizers and to accompany your most delicious aperitifs. Each product is individually vacuum packed.

Mortadella With Pistachios

Price €11.10

Mortadella, also simply called “Bologna”, is a typical Italian cold cut based on cooked minced pork meat and enriched with pistachios. Perfect as an appetizer and to pair any aperitif. Gluten-free and lactose-free product. Available in a vacuum packed portion of 560 gr. (± 10%)

Osteria Salami

Price €19.10

Osteria Salami is a Brianza-type salami, produced with pure pork, in natural casing and tied by hand. It is a salami with a strong flavour, like the salami of the past. Gluten-free and lactose-free product. Whole salami 620 gr (± 10%) vacuum-packed.

Peppered Pig Cheek

Price €8.80

Peppered Pig Cheek, in Italian "Guanciale", is a cut of pork that starts from the cheek and reaches the breast, taking the whole neck. It can be enjoyed on its own, sliced and toasted, it is perfect on a mixed salad and it is a key ingredient in the pasta sauce that accompanies the famous Bucatini alla Matriciana. Available in a vacuum packed piece of 400 gr. (± 10%)