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Via A. Vespucci, 3 - 96013 Carlentini (SR) - Italy

Founded in 2001 as an artisan laboratory for fruit and vegetable production and processing, in 2013 it was taken over by three young Sicilians Saro, Giusi and Giuseppe who, with passion and dedication, fell in love with their land and the fruits it is rich in - Sicily.

The mission is to try to synthesize scents, aromas and tastes of their land through the artisanal and organic production of jams and marmalades. In fact, the company is based in Carlentini, the place where the provinces of Catania and Syracuse merge. Together with the municipalities of Lentini and Francofonte it forms the so-called "Triangle of Sicilian Citrus Growing", a symbol of the indigenous production of Sicilian Red Orange (PGI), but also of other fruit and vegetable varieties such as the PGI lemon feminello, clementines and mandarins.

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