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Contrada San Rustico - 63815 Monte San Pietrangeli (FM) - Italy

Mancini's farm is a rural reality for over 60 years, since grandfather Mariano, besides the cultivation of cereals, was engaged in threshing grain with ancient machinery steered by the first models of tractors on the market. In the late 70's, Giuseppe has increased the size of Mancini's farm from 20 hectares to the present 70 acres.

For about ten years Massimo, after graduating in Agricultural Science, has begun a process of selection of varieties of wheat and refinement of farming techniques to achieve a higher quality product.

Since 2001 the company decided to treat in first person its wheat, with the collaboration of a master pasta maker.

Mancini's pasta is exclusively produced from wheat cultivated in the Farm, according to strict rules for reducing environmental impact.

Three different varieties are usually cultivated (San Carlo, Levante, Ariosto), and once gathered are blended together.
The grain is stored in a structure with a cold preservation process, without chemical additives, whose beneficial are both to the health and both to the flavor of the final product. The flour obtained from grinding is then processed, over a few days, with systems that are based faithfully on tradition.

Pantry Pack: Mancini Pasta - 5kg

Price €31.00

Buy Pantry Pack: 5kg of assorted Mancini Pasta. Pantry pack composed of 10 packs of pasta Mancini in different sizes (500 gr. each), for a total of 5 kg. High quality Italian pasta. The wheat is cultivated on Mancini farm. Enjoy the real Italian pasta.

Pantry Pack: Mancini Pasta 10kg

Price €62.00

Buy online Pantry Pack: 10kg assorted Mancini Pasta. High quality Italian pasta. The wheat is cultivated on the Mancini wheat fields to ensure an excellent product.

Pantry Pack: Organic Turanici Mancini Pasta

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The Mancini Turanici Pantry Pack contains 8 packs (500gr esch) of Mancini Italian Pasta: 4 packs of Turanici Organic Spaghetti and 4 packs of Turanici Organic Penne. Both types of pasta are organic and they are made with Turanicum organic wheat, an ancient wheat variety now forgotten. Easily digested thanks to their low gluten content.