List of products: Azienda Agricola SI.GI.


The search and recovery of forgotten fruits. Cultivationwithnatural methods, which guarantees the purity of raw materials. A natural method of craftsmanship, in full respect of seasonal cycles.

This is SI.GI.: Silvano Buccolini and Giuliana Papa decided to recover the tradition of the ancient local recipes from Macerata.

Jams, jellies, preserves in olive oil, fruit sauces and condiments made entirely by hand, using simple tools such as mills in different sizes, and traditional cooking methods like boiling in a open pot. Without using chemical thickeners, jellies and jams are free of pectin, while pickles do not contain stabilizers or preservatives.

The greater or lesser extent and density of the product is obtained exclusively through the different methods of cooking, while its freshness is preserved thanks to meticulous and natural preservation techniques.

Si.Gi. Farm has been inserted into the Gambero Rosso “Roll of Honour”.

According to Gambero Rosso, Si.Gi. is one of the farms which represent the best of “Made in Italy” as far as Italian typical food products.

Apple and Mint Jam 220gr

Price €5.56 Regular price €6.95

The full taste of the apple is combined with fresh mint flavor, an unusual combination of tastes. Try the apple and mint jam for breakfast or as a healthy snack. Recommended paired with seafood, memorable. Produced without pectin or other chemical thickeners and lacks stabilizers or preservatives. It's gluten free. Available in a glass jar of 220gr.

Apple Jam With Cocoa 220gr

Price €5.56 Regular price €6.95

Apple jam with cocoa, an amazing taste for your daily breakfast. Ideal to mix with ricotta and mascarpone cheeses. An Italian jam rewarded by "Gambero Rosso Golden Book". Pectin free. No chemical thickeners are added. Available in a glass jar of 220gr.

Aubergines in Oil with Garlic and Bay Leaves

Price €9.40

Buy Aubergines in oil with garlic and bay leaves. One of the best appetizers accompanied with fresh basil on a crustiy bread slice. They are produced without preservatives and dyes. It's gluten free. Available in a glass jar of 290gr.

Crispy Zucchini in Oil

Price €9.40

Buy online Zucchini in oil. Zucchini sliced paper thin, seared in vinegar and preserved in oil. Speed of processing and freshness of raw materials are essential ingredients to get to this product: Delicious crispy appetizer. Produced without preservatives or dyes. Gluten free. Available in a glass jar of 270gr.

Giuggiolone (jujube fruit wine) 11°

Price €17.00

Buy Giuggiolone jujube fruit wine. A delicious golden colour wine liquor for after dinners. It's excellent paired with matured cheeses, also with spicy and blue cheeses and great to accompany dry pastries. Enjoy it with your friends or while you are reading a good book. Available in a bottle of 37.50 cl.

Peppers in Oil with Spices

Price €9.40

Buy online Pepper in oil with spices. For any occasion, deep in taste, the homemade peppers are ready-to-use with appetizers, aperitifs, pasta, anchovies. Produced without the use of pectin and other chemical thickeners and lacks stabilizers or preservatives. Gluten free. Available in a glass jar of 270gr.

Seasoning: Sapa Mignon Bottle

Price €6.40

Buy Sapa one of the rarest typical products of the Marche region. It's also known as cooked grape must. A delicious seasoning for any Italian food. Available in a bottle of 56gr.

Viccotto (very mature wine) 12,5°

Price €17.00

Buy Viccotto very mature wine. The scent of a mulled sweet wine coming from Marche region. Perfect to serve with cinnamon biscuits, butter bisquits and dessert. Available in a bottle of 37.50 cl.