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The Riseria Merlano, located in a privileged area for growing rice, a plain that extends for more than a thousand acres called Baraggia - near Vercelli, in Piedmont - closely follows every stage of the manifacture of the finest varieties of Italian rice, all carefully selected for purity, color and grains size.

For over 50 years, Merlano family cultivated many types of rice - Carnaroli rice DOP, Arborio rice, Baldo rice, Sant’Andrea rice, and Black rice - using traditional methods.

Genuine passion and a story handed down from father to son.

Every day the rice, harvested only from the best crops, is "pilato" by stone, selected with patient care, packaged and controlled with advanced methods that ensure the highest quality.

They use only organic fertilizers to fertilize the soil and zero environmental impacts products to eliminate the weeds. Moreover, they hand-weed the rice three times.

For the Merlano family rice is a work of art: only the best crops are selected and then transformed into the raw product with the most advanced technologies and the utmost care.

Arborio Rice - 1kg

Price €4.40

Arborio rice has long large pearled grains and tends to increase significantly in volume when cooked. The Arborio rice has an excellent resistance to cooking. Also, the richness of starch makes it perfect for risotto. Available in a pack of 1Kg and preserved in modified atmosphere.

Baldo Rice - 1kg

Price €4.10

The Baldo rice is a Superfine quality typical of Vercelli area. Its grain is large, rich in starch, and remains firm even at high temperatures. For these reasons, the Baldo rice is suitable for for making rice salads, timbales and boiled rice. Available in a pack of 1Kg and preserved in modified atmosphere.

Pantry Pack: 3 Types Of Italian Rice

Price €13.01 Regular price €14.45

Pantry Pack composed of 3x1 kg packs of different varieties of Vercelli rice. All these rices are grown in the far north of the Po Valley in an area called "Baraggia" situated between the provinces of Vercelli and Biella. The microclimate, the waters of the Alpine foothills and the iron-rich clay soil give to the rice cultivated in this area unique culinary characteristics. They are great to prepare tasty risosotti with shellfish and vegetables.

PDO Carnaroli Rice - 1Kg Cloth Bag

Price €5.95

Baraggia Biellese-Vercellese PDO Carnaroli rice cleaned by hand, water washed and stone-milled. It has an excellent cooking resistance. Preserved in modified atmosphere inside a canvas bag. 1 kg Pack.

PDO Carnaroli Rice-1Kg Cloth Bag (Pack of 5)

Price €28.26 Regular price €29.75

1Kg cloth bag PDO Carnaroli rice - Pack of 5. PDO Carnaroli rice is grown in the far north of the Po plains, in an area called Baraggia where the microclimate, the spring waters of the Pre-Alps and the clay soil rich in iron give this rice its special culinary properties. This Carnaroli rice is cleaned by hand; water washed and stone-milled. It is selected with patient care, checked and preserved in modified atmosphere. PDO Carnaroli rice has an excellent cooking resistance, the grains remain separate and they absorb ingredients better. It goes well with many ingredients and it enhances all different flavours.

Sant'Andrea Rice - 1kg

Price €4.10

Sant'Andrea rice is grown in an area situated between Vercelli and Biella provinces. Its grains are middle sized and they are rich in starch. Sant'Andrea rice is excellent to cook soups, rice balls "arancini" and rice cakes. It is great for preparing Panissa, a Piedmontese risotto made with rice, sausage and beans. Available in a pack of 1Kg and preserved in modified atmosphere.