Peppered Pig Cheek

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Peppered Pig Cheek, in Italian "Guanciale", is a cut of pork that starts from the cheek and reaches the breast, taking the whole neck. It can be enjoyed on its own, sliced and toasted, it is perfect on a mixed salad and it is a key ingredient in the pasta sauce that accompanies the famous Bucatini alla Matriciana. Available in a vacuum packed piece of 400 gr. (± 10%)

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The guanciale is a cut of pork that starts from the cheek and reaches the breast, taking the whole neck.
It is crossed by beautiful lean veins (muscle) with a component of valuable fat, different from that of lard, Italian pancetta and bacon.

This Guanciale is dry worked, then covered with pepper and left to refine for a long time in natural seasoning.
The product obtained is a very fragrant cured meat, with a sweet taste and no salty aftertaste.

Meat of Pork throat, salt, dextrose, sucrose, flavourings, pepper (2%), spices.
Antioxidant: E301. Preservatives: E 252 and E250

NUTRITIONAL VALUES (values per 100 gr of product):

  • energy value: 594 kcal (2447 kJ)
  • fat: 60.7 g (of which saturated fatty acids: 22.5 g)
  • carbohydrates: 0.5 g (of which sugars: 0.1 g)
  • proteins: 11.3 g
  • salt: 1.3 g

Available in a vacuum-packed piece of 400 gr. (± 10%)


If purchased already in a vacuum-packed slice, the expiry date shown on the label applies, in this way it can be stored in the refrigerator at 4°C, as soon as it is opened by breaking the vacuum, the expiry date has no more value, from this moment the life of the cold cut depends on how it is stored.

The ideal is to put it back under vacuum and in the fridge, in this way the cold cut can be kept for up to two months (provided it does not exceed the expiry date shown on the label). The vacuum, therefore, the absence of air in the package, limits the deterioration due to the oxidation of the cold cut.

If you do not have a vacuum machine, you could cover the sliced part with a cloth, stop it with a food string and place it in the refrigerator. Despite this precaution, the cold cut should be consumed within a few days as it will tend to change colour and aroma. The first slice should however be removed before consumption, whenever the salami is taken from the fridge.

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Guanciale, Pancetta and Bacon, are three cured meats that often end up being considered interchangeable in recipes.

As a matter of fact, these are three quite different cured meats.

The Guanciale is obtained from the cheek of the pig (as the name suggests), the cut of meat in fact starts from the cheek to reach the breast, covering the entire neck.

Bacon and Pancetta are obtained from the belly of the pig and are then processed in a different way.

Bacon is obtained by putting the cut of meat in brine, then passed in the oven and then boiled and smoked.

Pancetta is obtained with processes that vary from region to region and which give rise to still different finished products as stretched pancetta, rolled pancetta, sweet pancetta, smoked pancetta, etc.


Via Lazzaretto 29 23848 Oggiono (LC) - Italia

The historic Marco D'Oggiono Prosciutti has been operating in Oggiono, in Alta Brianza, since the first half of the last century. The company, still family-run today, continues to produce hams and cured meats with passion and wisdom. In May 2014 Marco d'Oggiono Prosciutti received the R-Innovatori della Terra Award from Expo 2015 and the Lombardy Region recognizes him among the ten Lombard Excellencies. In 1999, the Prosciutto Crudo D'Oggiono was recognized as a Traditional Lombard Product and as such is present in all the atlases of typical and traditional products of the Lombardy Region.


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