We are not interested into boasting a twenty-year history: Atmosfera Italiana was officially founded on April 2010 and was online at the end of the same year.
It's the aspiration to improve our quality of life offering genuine and excellent Italian food that has driven us for many years by now.This virtual shop is a space designed for those who choose what they eat with awareness and attention, for those seeking genuine and unadulterated flavors, for those who are aware that it is impossible to offer quality products at discount cost.
We do not use "Italian" because it is fashionable: we rely on our experience to guarantee the excellence of what we offer.
We do not call our partners "suppliers" we have selected only small producers of Made in Italy excellence, most of them artisans, all of them friends, people like us who bring passion and enthusiasm in what they do. These manufacturers, and many others whom we still don't know, target consumers who appreciate and value genuine and natural gastronomic products.
We are not the large-scale distribution: some of our products are only available in small quantities and subject to depletion. Food of excellence often follows the seasons, and it is not produced on an industrial scale.
Atmosfera Italiana is a space dedicated to all of you who decided to live a high-quality life, satisfying sight, smell and taste.
Atmosfera Italiana srl
Via Caldera 21
20153 Milano (MI)
Contatti: +39 02 80886124
CF/P. IVA 02455240024Cap. Soc. € 20.000 i.v.Numero REA: MI-2073786