Monolite - 2 Handle Extra Deep Sautepan (36 cm)

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Monolite - Professional Extra Deep Sautepan with 2 soft-touch handles in non-stick and ultra-heat-resistant steel. Diameter 36 cm. Internal lining in Magma Tech, 5.5 mm thick, 18/10 stainless steel handles. with soft-touch non-slip silicone grip, oven safe. 100% Made in Italy. DOES NOT CONTAIN PFOA.

Reference MITT23690


The Monolite 2-handle Extra Deep Sautepan is ideal for cooking sauces, savory pastas, risottos for special occasions.

Roomy shapes, extra-sized diameters, high body thickness, stainless steel handles, Magma-Tech internal coating, porcelain enamel external coating: these are the ingredients that transform these items from the Pietra Viva line into professional cooking tools.

The revolutionary Magma-Tech coating with stone reinforcements, combined with the high-thickness core of 99.9% food-grade aluminum, converts these products into the most resistant kitchen tools on the market. This revolutionary technology allows you to cook without any addition of vegetable or animal fats (no oil, no butter, no margarine), maximizing the flavor, freshness and nutrients of any dish you want to prepare.

The internal structure in forged aluminum (98% purity) in very high thickness, guarantees maximum energy efficiency, uniform and fast heating and allows to maintain the nutritional properties of food unchanged

The ergonomic burn-resistant handle is offered in its removable quick release version, just click on the appropriate button and the handle will release, allowing you to use the pan even in the oven.

One of the most important technologies, of which Flonal can boast of being among the precursors, is the cold forging technique. High-power 3500 ton presses and special molds are used to optimize the shapes. This technique, by adding a greater quantity of aluminum in the upper edge and in the bottom, improves the stability of the product ensuring a longer life.

The high thickness also allows you to cook using a lower flame than usual, so it will help you save on your gas bill. All tools are handled with ergonomic Bakelite handles designed for maximum comfort and at the same time to be able to handle them in maximum safety without the risk of burns, since they always remain cold.

Cleaning your pots will no longer be a difficulty, whether you want to wash them in the dishwasher or simply wiping them with absorbent paper, the result will always be exceptional.

This pan is suitable for cooking on gas, glass ceramic, electric cooker.


Diameter36 cm  
Thickness5.5 mm  
Height9/10 cm  
Interior CoatingMagma-Tech 5-hand reinforced  
Outer CoatingStone effect porcelain enamel  
HandleSoft-touch 18/10 stainless steel  
Usable HobsGas, Glass ceramic, Electric cooker  








  • Cold forged - improves product stability ensuring longer life
  • It also goes in the oven up to 180°C
  • Soft-touch 18/10 stainless steel handles
  • Ultra heat resistant - For perfect and healthy cooking
  • Non-stick - Prevents food from sticking easily
  • DOES NOT contain PFOA or Nickel
  • 100% Made in Italy
  • Total resistance in the dishwasher

The oldest material today lives again in new shapes to serve those who love nature in the kitchen. It is in fact from stone that Flonal draws inspiration to create IL MONOLITE ITALIANO: a line which aims at the top offering highly performing coatings together with an aluminium thickness of 6.0 mm. Features that make this line unique of its kind.

The MAGMA-TECH PLUS non-stick coating, ultra reinforced with micro mineral particles is designed for maximum wear resistance, stable and efficient performances, and healthy fat-free cooking, both for intensive use and for quick preparations.

With particular attention to the purity of the materials used, IL MONOLITE ITALIANO is therefore ideal for those who love 100% genuine cooking.

Stability, strength and reliability, these are the characteristics of an eternal and natural material as the stone, which today returns to the kitchen with a modern and technologically avant-garde design.


Via G. Melisurgo, 15 - 80133 Napoli (NA) - Italy

Distributor of FLONAL COOKWARE

Via Luigi Einaudi, 20 - 61032 Fano (PU) - Italy

Flonal is part of the sound Italian industrial tradition. Since 1985, the company has been a point of reference in the production of non-stick aluminium cookware. The quality of the products and the careful investment in technological innovations have guaranteed its growth and influential presence also internationally.


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