Edible Gold - Leaves 50x50 mm

Edible Gold - Leaves 50x50 mm

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Edible 23 carat gold leaves. The respect of rigorous production dictates allows the finished product to obtain the certification of edible food decoration. Suitable for decorating cakes and dishes of all kinds, the leaf can be used whole to cover larger areas or cut into smaller pieces. Available in pack of 2 leaves 50x50 mm, 23 carats each.

Reference F22T001


These edible gold leaves are known to have been used by Gualtiero Marchesi for his famous risotto.

The edible gold leaf can be used whole to cover larger areas or cut into smaller pieces.
Find application as a decoration of sweets, chocolates, ice cream, in the field of cake design and to enhance pies, risottos and main courses in general.

The leaf is 23 carats and is produced extremely thin not to be perceptible on the palate.

From the legislative point of view, food gold is considered, in the European Union, a food additive and in particular a dye (E174).
Food gold is "biologically inert", has no interaction with the organism and is not absorbed by the human body.

Edible gold has no

nutritional value and a 10-years shelf-life.

Available in pack of 2 leaves, 50x50 mm, 23 carats each.
The leaf is placed on a tissue paper that facilitates and speeds up its grip and application.

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3 questions to learn more about edible gold

- What are the differences between edible gold and normal gold?

In addition to the minimum purity requirements, edible gold is produced with precautions to guarantee its safety for human consumption.
It is indeed essential to ensure that edible gold is clearly labelled as edible or for food use.

- How is the edible gold produced?

The production follows a path with phases similar to the normal one, however, to guarantee the hygiene of the product, the alimentary gold is worked with supports and equipment dedicated separately from the other types of gold

- What flavour does edible gold have?

Edible gold has no taste.
Its only purpose is to make your dishes and sweets beautiful and elegant.


Via Tosca Fiesoli, 89 M 50013 Campi Bisenzio (FI) - Italia

The Manetti family has carried on the activity of Battiloro since 1600. Fifteen generations have produced and produce in Florence the true golden and true silver leaf of the best quality, following ancient methods and traditions, but using structures and technologies among the most advanced in the world. Among the first to export all over the world the real gold leaf, Made in Italy, today they are the market leader, and collaborate with leading architects, gilders, restorers, museums, religious institutions and recently also with Chefs and cosmetic companies.


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