Riserva San Massimo Rice Mixed Box

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7 boxes of mixed varieties of Carnaroli Rice (4 kg), Whole Carnaroli Rice (1 kg), Rosa Marchetti Rice (1 kg) and Vialone Nano Rice, each in a protected atmosphere. For its extraordinary culinary properties, top chefs use authentic Italian superfino Carnaroli rice in their kitchens. Never sticky and staying firm after cooking, this Carnaroli rice can be used to cook superb risottos.

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At Riserva San Massimo, they plant authentic and controlled rice seeds to grow these Carnaroli, Vialone Nano and Rosa Marchetti Rices: a full superior quality rice.

Never sticky and staying firm after cooking, this Carnaroli rice can be used to cook superb rice dishes.

Each stage of this Superfine Carnaroli Rice processing, from threshing to packaging, is directly controlled by the farm, artisanally and still following the traditional methods.

Low-temperature desiccation avoids breaking the grains, which remain compact and tasty.

Small-batches hulling ensures maximum freshness and maintain all the organoleptic qualities.

Available in protected atmosphere - a pack of 7 boxes of 1 kg each.

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Only the most 100 fertile hectares at the farm Riserva San Massimo are used for the production of the Carnaroli rice.

The 500 hectares of Riserva San Massimo, located in a small town near Pavia called Gropello Cairoli, is one of the most interesting natural oasis of the Ticino Park, characterized by a high level of biodiversity.

A natural rotation of agricultural fields, rows of fruit plants, water meadows, and poplar fields is home to many different species of plants, and animals.

It is enlisted in the Italian Red List, published by the World Conservation Union, which feels it a priority to protect and preserve nature.

The farm promotes a model of eco-compatible development, thus obtaining the blue label “Ticino Park Controlled Production” for its Carnaroli Rice.

This label applies only to those products that are produced using integrated agriculture techniques.

Integrated agriculture, compared to the traditional one, requires a greater planning effort for environmental protection and the use of lower impact agricultural techniques.

Many varieties of rice can be labelled “Carnaroli” such as the Karnak and the Carnise precoce.

At San Massimo Farm they produce only the authentic Carnaroli variety, even if that means less production, higher complexities and costs.

Many varieties of rice can be labelled “Carnaroli” such as the Karnak and the Carnise precoce.

At Riserva San Massimo, they plant authentic and controlled Carnaroli seeds to grow Superfine Carnaroli Rice and whole Carnaroli Rice: a full superior quality rice.

They produce only the genuine Carnaroli variety,  even if that means less production, higher complexities and costs.

They also grow Rosa Marchetti semi-whole Rice, an ancient, rare and fine Italian rice variety.

The cultivation of Rosa Marchetti rice variety was abandoned by conventional farming because of the low production yield, and the quickly bending stems.

It smells and tastes so unique and different that is instantly recognisable.


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