Buckwheat Honey - 250gr

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Buy Buckwheat Honey, honey handcrafted made for health benefits, bearing various important organic acids and minerals. 100% Italian honey in a glass jar of 250gr. Available from September. Limited quantity, order now.

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This buckwheat honey is 100% Italian handcrafted made honey.

It is characterized by a dark red colour, intense aroma and rather bitter flavour.

Properties: Organic buckwheat honey has excellent antioxidant properties, it is a source of eighteen amino acids and help to combat anemia.
It is an excellent remedy to soothe the cough.

Food Combining: this honey is great paired with matured goat cheese.


100% Italian buckwheat honey

NUTRITION INFORMATION (values per 100 g of product):

  • calories: 322 kcal (1347 kJ)
  • fat: 0.0 g (of which sugars: 0.0 g)
  • carbohydrates: 80.0 g (of which sugars: 80.0 g)
  • proteins: 0.6 g

Available in a glass jar of 250gr

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Honey originates from the action of bees' gastric juices on flower nectar: nectar sucrose is converted into glucose and fructose, two simple sugars that our bodies can absorb directly without having to be digested.

Numerous tests have demonstrated how honey and its derivatives (royal jelly and propolis) can facilitate the healing of burns and wounds, alleviate irritation of the throat and act as a tonic and anti-anaemia.

Rock paintings dating back thirty-five thousand years in Spain and Africa, show humans intent on collecting honeycombs and are evidence of the fact that Man already realised the importance of honey.

The Romans imported large quantities of honey from Crete, Cyprus and Malta, for serving with food (both savoury and sweet).

As well as nutritional and healing properties, honey has always had ritual and cultural significance in almost every area in the world.

In Greek, Roman and Arabic literature the "golden liquid", mixed with herbs and spices, became mead, a drink which was thought to be a powerful aphrodisiac.

Pythagoras recommended honey as an elixir to long life, and popular belief held that it would help develop wisdom and eloquence if taken in large quantities in childhood.

In the Eighth Century Charlemagne introduced a law to regulate the exploitation of wild bees in the Imperial estates, while in the Fourteenth Century bee-keeping techniques were perfected in the great abbeys.

Rita and Paolo are not just beekeepers: they have a very personal relationship with their bees.

They refer to them, in fact, as their "hard-working little girls".

The end-product is the fruit of this perfect "joint venture".


Via Dante Alighieri n. 12 - Fraz. Vigellio - 13885 Salussola (BI) - Italia

Il Tiglio farm produces 100% italian natural honey from Biella Alps (Piedmont region).
A personal relationship between man and bee to create a natural and organic honey, unique in taste and consistency.


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