Dried Chili Pepper

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Dried Chili Pepper, 100% Italian production from natural crops. The chili pepper enhances the flavor of all dishes and is able to make desserts and chocolate even more appetizing. You can use the chili pepper to cook sauces and pastas and to dress bruschetta, appetizers. Available in packs of 15gr.

Reference F33S003


The chili enhances the flavor of all dishes.

You can use the chili pepper to flavor bruschetta, appetizers, sauces and pastas.

Among the most popular recipes we remember garlic pasta, oil and chilli and penne al'arrabbiata.

Chilli can make desserts and chocolate even more appetizing.

Available in packs of 15 gr.

The chili is spicy due to an alkaloid called capsaicin.

Capsaicin has an antibacterial effect, for this reason, food cooked with chili peppers can be stored for a longer time.
Capsaicin also stimulates the secretion of gastric juices and promotes digestion.

The chili pepper is also a powerful antioxidant and this gave him fame, rightly or wrongly, to be an antitumor spice.

Did you know that water is not effective against the "burning" sensation?
Use yogurt, milk or soft cheeses instead.


Operative office: - Via Pacini, 6/B - 97010 Giarratana (RG) - Italy

Three young boys, lifelong friends, create NOTEdi, a farm in Giarratana, a village of 3000 inhabitants in the Province of Ragusa, south east of Sicily, on the slopes of the Iblei mountains.
The company produces high quality spices and medicinal plants, flower bulbs for the floriculture market, aromatic and pharmaceutical plants, vegetables and other fruit trees, berries and nuts and cereal cultivation.


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