Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil From Apulia Region: 6 bottle pack

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6 bottle pack of Italian extra virgin olive oil from Apulia region. Golden green colour, fruity, sweet and intense taste. Produced in a closed food processing chain. The manufacturer checks the whole productive cycle, from the harvesting of olives to the processing of the raw material. 1Lt bottles each.

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Golden green colour, fruity, sweet and intense taste.

These qualities are protected from light by using dark bottles, and the same bottles, before being sealed, receive a nitrogen spray which creates a vacuum condition. This way the product quality remains unchanged over time.

InMasseria Italian extra virgin olive oil comes from olives cultivated only in Masseria Uliveto del Duca.

The olive processing takes place in the Masseria premises, originating a closed food processing chain.

The manufacturer checks the whole productive cycle, from the harvesting of olives to the processing of the raw material.

The cold pressing of the olives takes place at a temperature of about 27° C and guarantees an oil with exceptional organoleptic qualities.

OLIVE TYPES: Olearola 40%, Leccino 30%, Frantoio 20%, Coratina 10%

ACIDITY: tra 0,12 % e 0,5 %

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An olive grove that extends for about 200 hectares with over 40,000 sculptural-looking olive trees, autochthonous olive trees of varieties leccino, frantoio, olearola and coratina, grown for over three centuries.

The olive processing takes place in the Masseria premises.

And if it is true that in order to get a quality extra virgin olive oil the olives must be processed within 24 hours from harvesting, in Masseria del Duca, the olives are pressed almost simultaneously.

The cold pressing of the olives takes place at a temperature of about 27° C and guarantees an oil with exceptional organoleptic quality.

The same attention devoted to the product is aimed at protecting the environment too.

First with the elimination of unnecessary packaging and favouring only recyclable or reusable materials. Then with the adoption of an innovative production method that has a zero environmental impact. It is generally important in this type of operations, mainly due to the presence of waste potentially polluting such as the olive-residue oil or the olive vegetation water.

This virtuous cycle that eliminates waste, perfected by providing as only residue an excellent organic fertilizer, odourless and stable, useful for the cultivation of olive trees.

These features make the inMasseria olive oil the first extra virgin olive oil 100% sustainable!

The Società Agricola F.lli Cassese was awarded the "2014 Sustainable Development Prize" from the Sustainable Development Foundation.

During the event "Ecomondo-Key Energy Expo" an international exhibition dedicated to the recovery of material and energy and sustainable development, the Società Agricola Cassese ranked among the top ten best companies in agriculture and Agrifood sector.

The prize, now in its sixth edition, has the high patronage of the Italian Presidency of the Republic.

Azienda Agricola Fratelli Cassese

Azienda Agricola F.lli Cassese supports good food culture offering to the market only high quality products. In the farm and on the surrounding 400 acres of land, the company produces Italian food as eggs, cheeses, extra virgin olive oil and wine. The company produces with zero environmental impact - zero waste and zero emissions into the atmosphere - because it is equipped with biogas plant.


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