Benedetto Cavalieri Italian Pasta - Maccheroni 500gr

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Benedetto Cavalieri Maccheroni, a durum wheat semolina pasta, bronze die, slowly dried at a low temperature. The world's best restaurants and starred chefs serve dishes with Benedetto Cavalieri pasta. Available in pack of 500gr.

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The word maccheroni is a legacy of the times in which the word "maccherone" meant pasta, in general, and maccheroni pasta comes in many forms and is well-known all over the world.

Benedetto Cavalieri Maccheroni are produced with a blend of the best durum wheat.

This short pasta is produced with a processing method called ‘delicate’: a long kneading, a slow pressing, drawing and drying at a low temperature.

This process permits to get rough and porous maccheroni, starchy, enhancing any kind of sauce.

Try it with extra-virgin olive oil and grated Italian parmesan cheese.. an unforgettable taste experience!


durum wheat semolina

Underlined items are allergens; they contain gluten.

NUTRITION INFORMATION (values per 100 g of product):

  • calories: 355 kcal (1490 kJ)
  • fat: 1.5 g (of which saturated fatty acids: 0.3 g)
  • carbohydrates: 71.5 g (of which sugars: 3.6 g)
  • fiber: 2.5 g
  • proteins: 12.5 g
  • salt: 0.00 g

Available in pack of 500gr

Maccheroni, a general term for a vast range of dried durum wheat pasta shapes, cylindrical, sometimes twisted, especially in Northern Italy, and usually short, with a smooth or ridged surface.

Rigatoni, sedani, lumaconi are just some of the names attributed to "modern" maccheroni.

In 17th century maccheroni began to be associated with Naples, but earlier it was the Sicilians who were nicknamed "mangia maccheroni" (maccheroni-eaters), and thanks to Arab influence, it was most likely they who were responsible for spreading pasta through the south of Italy.


The ancient familiarity with the wheat has allowed the Cavalieri family to get to really absolute levels of delicacy for the pasta. Le Calandre, the Massimiliano Alajmo's restaurant awarded with three Michelin Stars, has a dish dedicated to Benedetto Cavalieri's pasta. Ferran Adrià, the Catalan chef known for molecular gastronomy, keeps studying Cavalieri's pasta in order to invent new unstructured dishes. The Best magazines mention it as a pasta of superior level.


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