Baldo Rice - 1kg

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The Baldo rice is a Superfine quality typical of Vercelli area. Its grain is large, rich in starch, and remains firm even at high temperatures. For these reasons, the Baldo rice is suitable for for making rice salads, timbales and boiled rice. Available in a pack of 1Kg and preserved in modified atmosphere.

Reference F06P020


This rice is grown in the far north of the Po Valley in an area called "Baraggia" situated between the provinces of Vercelli and Biella.

The microclimate, the waters of the Alpine foothills and the iron-rich clay soil give to the rice cultivated in this area unique culinary characteristics.

The Baldo rice comes from the intersection of Arborio rice and variety 136.

It's a Superfine quality typical of Vercelli area.

Its grain is large, translucent and very consistent, rich in starch, it has excellent absorbency and remains firm even at high temperatures.

For these reasons, the Baldo rice is suitable for preparing all kinds of risotto and it is perfect for making rice salads, timbales and boiled rice.

NUTRITION INFORMATION (values per 100 g of product):

  • calories: 361 kcal (1510 kJ)
  • fat: 0.6 g (of which saturated fatty acids: 0.1 g)
  • carbohidrates: 78 g (of which sugars: 0.3 g)
  • fiber: 1.4 g
  • proteins: 7.4 g
  • salt: 0.01 g

Available in a pack of 1Kg and preserved in modified atmosphere.

Rice: par excellence symbol of abundance, affluence, prosperity and fertility.

Showering the bride and groom with rice at the end of a wedding is a traditional way of wishing the couple wealth, well-being, prosperity and fertility.

And it is for that very same reason that for years I have been giving my friends a Christmas present of rice from the areas considered to be the best in Italy - Baraggia (near Biella), Vercelli and Pavia - to wish them luck and, at the same time, give them the opportunity to enjoy this amazing product.


For over 50 years, Merlano family cultivated many types of rice - Carnaroli rice DOP, Arborio rice, Baldo rice, Sant’Andrea rice, and Black rice - using traditional methods.

They use only organic fertilizers to fertilize the soil and zero environmental impacts products to eliminate the weeds. Moreover, they hand-weed the rice three times.


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