Il Cortile - Offal Ragout by Chef Diego Rossi

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Offal ragout by Chef Diego Rossi and preserved in glass with the vacuum technique. The aroma of granny’s ragu combines with offal to add an extra layer of flavour. Available in a glass jar of 280 gr. (4 servings as dressing or 2 servings as main dish).

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Offal ragout by Diego Rossi chef: the aroma of nonna’s ragu combines with offal to add an extra layer of flavor. It's preserved in glass with the vacuum technique.

His inspiration is the poor cuisine of the past, offal, and forgotten ingredients that nonetheless give extraordinary flavor to dishes. An authentic, concrete cuisine, where the product is manipulated as little as possible to maintain its integrity and render it the true protagonist of the recipe.

His home region is the countryside of Verona. When he was a kid, it was his playground.
So he decided to create this ragout as an homage to those memories of when he was a kid and would play in the company of hens and chickens.

A ragout with the addition of offal combined with tomato sauce, which reminds him of her grandmother.

as a sauce on fresh pasta, lasagnas,
as a filling for ravioli,
on polenta or on bread crostini.


As a pasta sauce:
- heat the product in a non-stick pan, lengthening it with a spoonful of your pasta cooking water, drain the pasta when al dente and then blend it in the pan with the sauce.

As a dressing for bruschetta, polenta, croutons:
- heat the product in a non-stick pan, or in the microwave for a couple of minutes (removing the clips, the cap and the silicone gasket), or in a bain-marie (keeping the cap and the clips ).


50% giblets from Italian-raised chickens (livers and innards), 19% beef heart, 17% Italian tomato, white wine, extra virgin olive oil, aromatic herbs, garlic, acidity regulator: citric acid

Allergens: could contain sulfites

NUTRITION INFORMATION (values per 100 g of product):

  • calories: 184 kcal (684 kJ)
  • fat: 12.4 g (which saturated fatty acids: 3.5 g)
  • carbohydrates: 1.5 g (of which sugars: 0.5 g)
  • proteins: 12.5 g
  • salt: 1.6 g


store in a dry and fresh place; once it’s opened, keep in refrigerator for 5 days. Shelf life: 36 months from when packaged

Available in glass jar of 280 gr. (4 servings as dressing or 2 servings as main dish).

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Diego Rossi was born in Verona, where he attended culinary school.

He immediately launched his career in the kitchens of Italian fine dining restaurants, from Oste Scuro in Verona to Bauer in Venice to St. Hubertus in San Cassiano, to Le Antiche Contrade in Cuneo.

After years of experiences at starred restaurants which shaped him both technically and in discipline, he chose to return to a cuisine of raw, unembellished ingredients.

In 2015 he opened his trattoria Trippa in Milan.
A dream finally come true, it’s become the place where starred chefs come to eat on their days off.
A small yet mighty restaurant, with six cooks in the kitchen and a warm and welcoming service.
For Diego, Trippa is just the beginning of a journey that is anything but finished.


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Bonverre is a unique product that recounts Italy’s people and their land. It encompasses stories and aromas, along with the heart and soul of the chef who conceptualized and created the recipe. Bonverre is born from a desire to share the authentic culinary tradition of the bel paese.


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