Wine and Visciola Cherry 12,5°

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Wine and Visciola Cherry is a typical Italian sweet wine of Marche region. This amazing wine is perfect for happy hours and dessert. Wine and Visciola Cherry is a Slow Food presidium. Available in a small bottle of 37,50cl

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Freshly poured Wine and Visciole is very impressive with its deep ruby red colour and outstanding aroma of ripe cherry.

The taste is soft and lingers in the mouth while the sweetness is particularly striking because it is the correct balance between fruit, acidity and alcohol.

This product is typical of Marche.

It is a sweet wine, for wine tasting, relaxing and with desserts, great with biscuits, ciambelloni (typical dessert in our families) and ice cream. Something to savour and enjoy with friends.

Called the elixir "for courtship", it tantalizes women's taste buds.

Available in a small bottle of 37,50cl

Perhaps few people know that the cherry comes from two species: sweet (Prunus avium) and sour (Prunus cerasus), the latter species includes Amarena (black cherry), the Marasca and Visciola.

The Visciolo cherry has been popular for centuries in the territory of Montefeltro and may have been introduced into the area by immigrants from the East who arrived after the famous plague of 1300 which decimated the workforce in feudal areas of the Marche.

The wild plant looks almost like a shrub.

The small drop-shaped leaves are elongated and dark green and the fruit has dark red flesh when ripe and a bitter kernel which is rich in tannin.

Due to the limited quantities produced, it has been defined as "a heritage to defend". As a result, Slow Food Protection of Visciola wine was set up.


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