Aromatic Grappa "Po" di Poli Traminer

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Aromatic grappa "Po" by Poli Traminer is a grappa produced from the pomace of Gewürztraminer grapes. Grappa with aroma of balsamic herb, resin and spices. The taste is full and persistent. It is distilled by hand, in small batches, with a bain-marie still and discontinuous cycle. This aromatic grappa is ideal for enjoying a pleasant moment on cold winter evenings. Available in 700 ml bottle.

Reference F16PLG100



Poli Distillery




Bassano Del Grappa (VI) Italy




40% vol.


14 ° 16 ° C.


Aromatic Grappa "Po" di Poli Traminer is a distillate for meditation.

Available in 700 ml

Veneto has been the most famous Italian region for the production of Grappa for many centuries

The Poli Distillery began its activity in 1898, and since then, from generation to generation, it has continued the distillery activity with passion.

The distillation system from the Poli distillery is among the oldest still in operation, consisting of copper boilers (both steam and bain-marie) with a discontinuous cycle.

This grappa satisfies even the most demanding palates.


Via Ticino, 9 - 20020 Lainate (MI) - Italy

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