Modica Chocolate with Chili

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Modica chocolate with chili. It’s a dark chocolate with chili, without cocoa butter. A combination of cocoa and chili known since the ancient time of the Aztecs. The most ancient and artisanal way to produce chocolate. Chocolate bar of 100gr.

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Dark chocolate with chili from Modica, a small Sicilian town.

It’s a dark chocolate enriched with chili powder and produced with stone ground cold process, without cocoa butter.

A combination of cocoa and chili known since the time of the Aztecs.


bitter cocoa paste (minimum 50%), sugar, chili powder 0.5%.

(It may contain traces of dried nuts).

NUTRITION INFORMATION (values per 100 g of product):

  • calories: 495 kcal (2072 kJ)
  • fat: 27,3 g (of which saturated fatty acids: 17,2 g)
  • carbohydrates: 56,2 g (of which sugars: 26.3 g)
  • fiber: 1.4 g
  • proteins: 8,0 g
  • salt: 15,0 mg

Chocolate bar of 100gr.

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In Sicilian dialect, it is called "ciucculati mudicani".

The chocolate of Modica is a particular type of chocolate that differs from traditional chocolate because it is produced by a cold working process which excludes the high-temperature long mixing phase of the typical ingredients of chocolate.

During processing, the cocoa mass is processed at a maximum temperature of 40° C (hence the name "cold working") and mixed with caster sugar and spices such as cinnamon or chili, or with orange rinds.

Then the cocoa mass is laid on a pastry board already heated and subjected to several rounds of straightening.

The dough is always kept at a maximum temperature of 35-40° C, so that the sugar crystals do not melt and remain intact within the dough.

The particularity of the chocolate of Modica consists in the fact that during the chewing it remains grainy chocolate, sugar comes in clear crystals inside the bar because it is mixed with cocoa and not dissolved in it, and in the absence of foreign substances like vegetable fat, milk, soy lecithin and emulsifiers.

This recipe goes back to the Spanish domination of Sicily (16th century).

Primary pole of this production was the County of Modica, at that time the most important feudal state of southern Italy.

Some sources report that the Spaniards have learnt the recipe from the Aztecs.

There are still traces of this type of processing in Mexico and in Guatemala and in the area of Alicante in Spain, where the chocolate is called "el chocolate a la piedra".

This special kind of chocolate was a typical sweet of noble families who produced it at home, during the holidays and for especially important occasions.

The tradition of modichese chocolate was passed on to the present day acquiring the international reputation it deserves.


Siciliatentazioni rediscovers and improves the old traditional recipes through a wide range of typical sicilian products sweet and salty: pistachio pesto, red chili pate, anchovies in chili, tuna fillet, ventresca, Modica chocolate, Bitter Orange Marmalade and much more.


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